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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

What are Your Guiding Life Principles?


Your guiding life principles are the powerful concepts that influence your thoughts and behaviors. They are fundamental to everything you do. They are your truths. What principles do you hold dear and are the basis for all the decisions you make, actions you take, and maybe every thought you have? 

We’ve been focused lately on some of the guiding principles of The 100 Year Lifestyle. These include freedom, birthright time, the pleasure principle, and personal responsibility. These are key principles to living at 100 percent for 100 years, 100:100. No doubt, your lifestyle already encompasses these principles. But they aren’t the only principles involved in a lifestyle of health and longevity. So what other principles do you live by? 

North Stars

For some, a key principle might be to live for today but plan for the future. One of the pearls of wisdom that might guide you is to always speak your truth, and never be a silent observer in matters that matter. Many people alive today are realizing the constant need to be able to make change happen in their lives and to have the resilience to adapt to changes happening outside their control. Positivity above all else is a north star for many, particularly these days!


Whatever your guiding life principles are, we offer the following thoughts. Embrace your principles as your truth. They are yours and you are not responsible for the way your truth makes anyone else feel. Do not allow yourself to be victimized or play the role of victim for your principles. Never stop being authentic. You being your authentic self will only be good for everyone else on the planet. 

Lastly, never stop learning. However much you know today is only a small portion of the potential that there is to learn, do, experience, and live. Stay open and let your love of health and longevity, your 100 Year Lifestyle, keep you on the path made clear by your guiding principles.

Never Walk Alone

Want some company on that path? You never need to walk alone! A 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you is ready to help you on your wellness journey—for life. Reach out to them today to get the support you and your loved ones need to live your life at 100:100.

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