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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

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Superfood System

Fuel your dreams with over 90 organic superfoods supplying over 300 essential nutrients, micronutrients, and microbiome support.

StriveLife is proud to be an approved essential superfood by The 100 Year Lifestyle

Cleanse * Nourish * Thrive

StriveLife’s Organic Superfood Blends fuel your brain and body with the evolutionary nutritional requirements to thrive in this high stress, toxic world. We all know that much of the soil is depleted of nutrients, but your body’s foundational needs are not. 

StriveLife Superfood System’s unique morning, anytime, and nighttime blends are formulated to help you cleanse your system, support your daily nutritional needs, and thrive as you pursue your wildest dreams.

Mellow Moon MYLK

Mellow out with our Mellow Moon Mylk sleep aid powder. A calming bedtime blend of soothing superfood nutrients

Mojo Risin'

Your morning ritual doesn’t have to taste like dirt. Rise n’ shine with a pure superfoods energy blend of natural caffeine and 50+ authentic superfoods

Buck Naked Greens

Break through energy dips and doldrums with Buck Naked Greens. Our stripped-down to the bare essentials daily serving of green goodness

Over 90 Organic Superfoods Supplying Over 300 Nutrients, Micronutrients and Essential Support!

Strive To Be Your Best.

Rejuvenate with Strive Superfoods. Our products help build better health by delivering delicious and organic superfoods easily into your daily routine. Loaded with powerful antioxidants, over 200 different kinds of nutrients, and bioactive compounds. 

Strive Superfoods help fill these lacking nutrients from your daily diets. Our superfoods system boosts your immune system so you can strive to to live your best life and reach your peak performance everyday.

Explore the benefits.

Fueling your body with the maximum amount of high-quality superfoods throughout the day provides positive benefits for your whole body for that time of day.

Carefully Crafted Superfood Blends for Morning, Afternoon, and Nighttime - Wherever Your Journey Takes You.


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