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Living at 100% for 100 Years…or More

International Wellness leader, Bestselling Author, and Chiropractor Dr. Eric Plasker knows that everyone has the potential to live a long, healthy life. Dr. Plasker designed the 100 Year Lifestyle to keep you living at 100% for 100 years. Doesn’t that sound better than 70% for 60 years, or 50% for 80 years?

Our society is not designed for longevity, but our bodies are. Today, many of us will live longer than we think possible. The fact that our current system isn’t equipped for our longevity and is failing us is evidenced by the number of Alzheimer’s and assisted living centers. Dr. Eric Plasker believes those centers exist not because of an aging population, but because of a population basing their lifestyles on bad habits, bad facts, bad ideas, and bad care. It all starts with our faith in doctors and drugs above the innate wisdom of our own bodies.

Dr. Eric Plasker’s 100 Year Lifestyle is the new model for living in a world of extended lifetimes. For over 35 years, he has directly helped thousands of patients create their personal 100 Year Lifestyle focusing on self-care and health care instead of crisis care. Over 10,000 practitioners from around the world have been trained by his company, The Family Practice, in how to be better doctors, better educators, and better leaders for their communities.

For Eric, his journey to this place of understanding has been very personal. After his young son, Jacob, had an accident, Dr. Plasker and his wife, Lisa, were told by one of Atlanta’s top neurologists that his son would never walk, talk, or use his right arm.

Eric didn’t believe this prognosis, so he adjusted his son’s spine in the hospital after receiving the scary and life-changing prognosis. Within 20 minutes Jacob woke up, resumed normal breathing, and began to move. One month later Jacob was walking with a limp on his right side; one year later he was running with a limp—but thriving.
Dr. Plasker was asked to give a talk to the hospital doctors about the care he was providing for his son. After his talk, the neurologist who originally diagnosed Jacob came over to thank Dr. Plasker and shake his hand. As the neurologist was leaving the room, he looked over his shoulder at Eric and said, “But he’ll never ride a bike.”

Well, you guessed it. Soon after that meeting, Jacob got his first bike. Today, at age 31, Dr. Jacob Plasker is a practicing chiropractor in Bend, Oregon with a Diplomate in Functional Neurology where he enjoys mountain biking, tennis, hiking, and snowboarding. He practices with his sister, Dr. Emily Plasker, a talented pediatric and family chiropractor.

For Eric, that experience with Jacob along with the thousands of other patients he has seen in his 35 years of practice and training doctors, he is completely certain about everything he says.

As Dr. Plasker says, “It is a very humbling, grounding, and powerful place to come from when you know that you know that you know!” Today, Dr. Plasker appreciates that he has been blessed with a deep sense of purpose and passion, as well as a message that is evergreen and extremely relevant to our times.

The memory of those scary, quiet evenings praying for his baby’s healing are always with him. It has helped him to develop a compassion and empathy for suffering people—particularly those who have been told that improvement isn’t possible, and that health is no longer an option. He has experienced different. He knows what he knows.

The actual inspiration for The 100 Year Lifestyle, however, was Max. Max was a 98-year-old man who came to see Dr. Plasker early in his practice. When Max came into the office, it was obvious he was a beautiful soul trapped in a decrepit body. His suffering was obvious. As Dr. Plasker treated Max, they were both amazed at Max’s body’s ability to heal, even after nearly 100 years of wear and neglect, to respond. To hear Dr. Plasker tell the whole, shocking story in his own words, and how much Max changed his life, click here.

The author of the international bestseller, The 100 Year Lifestyle, Breakthrough Solutions for Real, Lasting, Personal and Cultural Change, Dr. Plasker has spoken before companies and organizations all over the world that are interested in helping their employees live their best life every day, and creating a culture of passion, possibility, change, and longevity

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