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100:100 - Living at 100% for 100 Years

The evidence of this Longevity Crisis can be seen on nearly every street corner in every town through assisted living centers and Alzheimer’s care centers. People today are living longer than they expected or planned for. Dr. Plasker will tell you how to live your 100 years at 100%.

Stop Blaming Your Age

Age is getting a bad rap. People are blaming their age for not being able to exercise, start a new project, get a new job, reinvent their relationships, and more. Age is being blamed for ill health and injuries that have nothing to do with age. There are Alzheimer’s and senior care facilities popping up across our country at an alarming rate. Dr. Plasker explains why age has nothing to do with degenerative disease—and reveals the real reasons why Americans age so badly.

Borrowed Time vs Birthright Time: Quality Not Quantity

Adults alive today are the first generation in history getting the advanced notice that, like it or not, want to or not, you will probably live longer than you ever thought. Get there in style with health and vitality rather than rotting away.

We hear elderly people often say, “I’m living on borrowed time.” This is not true. This is actually birthright time that was built into their genetics from the moment of conception.

Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person

Who are the “most vulnerable people” and how do you keep from becoming one? Dr. Plasker is committed to making you one of the “least vulnerable!”

The Interference Principle: Dis-ease vs. Disease

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it is the motto of the Nursing Home Generation; mask your symptoms, never-mind the cause, and keep on going. This mindset and motto are creating long-term problems that are almost always preventable when you understand The Interference Principle which is about eliminating dis-ease vs. just treating disease.

Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Every parent’s worst nightmare is that something bad will happen to their child. Dr. Plasker will offer insight and guidance as he shares his own story of being told that his 10-month-old son would never walk, talk, or use his right arm. Spoiler alert, Jacob is now a 31-year-old tennis playing, snowboarding, and hiking chiropractor himself.

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