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Internationally best-selling author of the 100 Year Lifestyle book series, in-demand speaker, and chiropractor, Dr. Eric Plasker is on a mission. He wants to help us all  live at 100% for 100 years…or more. He wants us to optimize our body’s Innate capabilities, see our longevity potential as birthright time not borrowed time, and develop a proactive mindset when it comes to creating our own 100 Year Lifestyle. For more information about Dr. Plasker and the 100 Year Lifestyle, visit 100YearLifestyle.com.

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Today too many people believe that our health is dependent on a drug and our longevity is a matter of luck or good genes. Our guest, Dr. Eric Plasker, chiropractor, educator, and author of The 100 Year Lifestyle series believes that everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the moment they are born through their last breath of life–and that more and more of us are actually living to be much older than we anticipate. Are you prepared to live at 100% for 100 years? Dr. Plasker, how do we create our own 100 Year Lifestyle?

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In Spring Valley, New York, at the age of 15, Eric Plasker sustained a football injury that landed him in the emergency room. The hospital orthopedist, after reviewing the test results, told Eric to “take these pills and don’t play for 30 days.”

Eric looked at his mother and said, “I want to play. I’ll try anything.” The next morning, he went to a chiropractor for an adjustment, and that afternoon he played without any pain. That was the start of what has turned out to be a life-long journey into human potential, the body’s ability to heal itself and perform at very high levels for a lifetime.

Fascinated by the distinction between crisis-based care and lifestyle/performance care, Eric attended the University of Delaware for his undergraduate work and then went on to Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia where he graduated in 1985. In 1986, Dr. Plasker began his own family and performance-based practice on Atlanta’s famous Peachtree Road. “I was honored to be able to take care of athletes at every level from world champions to weekend warriors. And there were so many parents that wanted to learn how to raise healthy, drug-free children. They very passionately wanted a more holistic lifestyle, and we became that holistic healthcare leader for our community.”

To date, Dr. Plasker has helped over 10,000 patients from around the world to create health and wellness in their lives. Through his company, The Family Practice, he has trained over 10,000 chiropractors how to be more effective communicators and educators for their community practice.

All of his success is based on his understanding and experience with the innate abilities of the human body and his proactive mindset when it comes to health and longevity. While not many of us may expect to live to be 100, the reality is that many of us today are living longer than we ever thought we would. The 100 Year Lifestyle shows us that birthright time isn’t borrowed time, and we are never too young or too old to thrive.

Today Dr. Plasker, named Chiropractor of the Year by Life University, is an in-demand speaker to companies and groups around the world that want to create The 100 Year Lifestyle culture for themselves, their families, and their companies. He is an exceptional motivator who is passionate about The 100 Year Lifestyle as a new model for living in a world of extended lifetimes.

In addition, he has written an internationally best-selling series of books based on The 100 Year Lifestyle. Together he and his wife of 36 years, Lisa, have raised a healthy family of three adult children–all chiropractors. They make their home in Marietta, Georgia.

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