Dr. Eric Plasker

Curriculum Vitae:

President and Founder: The Family Practice, Inc
Bestselling Author and Creator of The 100 Year Lifestyle
100YearChiropractors.com, 100YearLifestyle.com, 100YLVault.com
Office: 866-532-3327 Cell: 404-213-5945 E-mail:  drplasker@100YearLifestyle.com

Mission: 1986 – 1994 Excellence in Family Healthcare Without Drugs and Surgery

1995 – 2001 Family Wellness, Global Impact
2002 – Present Lifetime Care for Everyone

Awards: Distinguished Alumnus Award from Life University, Literary Achievement Award from International Chiropractors Association, Fellow of International Chiropractors Association, Presidential Award from the California Chiropractic Association


1982 – 1982 University of Delaware
1982 – 1985 Doctor of Chiropractic, Life Chiropractic College, Marietta, GA


1982 – Present International Chiropractors Association
1986 – Present Life University Alumni Association
1986 – Present Georgia Council of Chiropractic
2015 – Present Georgia Chiropractic Association
2020 – Present ChiroCongress, Chiropractic Future Strategic Planning Committee


37 Years of Chiropractic Practice in Atlanta and Marietta, GA seeing thousands of patients with an impeccable service record and zero board, insurance, or malpractice incidents.
1986 – Present Family practice caring for pregnant moms and newborn babies to 100-year-old people
1986 – Present Chiropractic care for Hall of Famers, Olympians, World champions, Grammy Award Winners, and Hollywood Stars
2007 – 2011 Team Chiropractor for State, Regional and National Championship Soccer Teams
2011 – 2014 Team Chiropractor for Georgia State University Division 1 Men’s Soccer Team


1996 – Present Created Chiropractic Mother’s Morning Out and Human Potential Programs for DCs
1997 – Present Created Family Practice Communication System implemented in Chiropractic offices worldwide
2002 – Present Authored The Family Practice Systems Library to help DCs create lifetime chiropractic advocates
2007 Published bestselling book The 100 Year Lifestyle, attracting people worldwide to chiropractic
2010 Published The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout, which became #1 Fitness Book in America
2011 Published The Longevity Solution – Secrets of The 100 Year Lifestyle with Nightingale-Conant joining global network of top authors, motivation, and business leaders. Named one of their Top 50 Productions of all time.
2013 Published The 100 Year Lifestyle 2nd Edition
2020 – Present Published 4 eBooks: Becoming A Least Vulnerable Person, Raising Super Healthy Families, 100:100 100 Percent for 100 Years, Exciting Neuroscience Breakthroughs for All
2019 – Present Launched 100YearLifestyle.com as an online magazine and giant click-funnel to chiropractors
2019 – Present Created The 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Network
2019 – Present Created The 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Vault providing content for DCs to be better leaders and educate communities to make chiropractic their #1 healthcare choice


1990 – Present Diplomate of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society, Began Teaching Chiropractic Technique
1994 – Present Keynote Speaker at many chiropractic colleges, State, and International Associations
1997 – Present Founded The Family Practice Training over 10,000 DCs and their teams
2007 – Present International Media – TV, Podcast, radio, and print generating hundreds of millions of views
2020 Featured in A Better Way Documentary Film

 Teaching and Research

1983 – 1985 President of Vice President of Life Gonstead Club teaching technique and patient management
1986 – 1992 Conducted Technique and Patient Management seminars for DCs and Chiropractic students
1992 – 1994 Conducted Personal Breakthrough Programs for Chiropractic College students
1996 – 1998 Team teacher, Quest Alliance, teaching leadership, management, and Chiropractic principles
1996 – Present Featured speaker at numerous corporation and organizations worldwide
1997 – 1999 Team teacher for numerous chiropractic platforms worldwide
1997 – Present Keynote for Chiropractic Nights around the country for local and state associations.
1998 – Present Leader of The Family Practice Seminars giving Leadership Boot Camps for DCs and CAs
2000 – 2012 Team Teacher at Parker Seminars and Parker University
2001 – Present Speaker at Life University in multiple capacities including assemblies, Leadership Weekends, and Continuing Education Seminars
2008 – 2010 Created California Chiropractic Association, 100 Year Lifestyle Certification Program
2011 – Present Keynote Speaker at prospective student events including 47 Consecutive Life Leadership Weekends to over 7,000 prospective students who visit from around the world
2016 – Present Spearheaded Lifetime Care Research Project through Life University Research Department 2016 – present, 2022 Presentation at ACC-RAC
2018 – Present Completed Phase 2 of the Lifetime Care Research Project currently being prepared for publication


1995 – Present Volunteering in many aspects of the chiropractic industry
1997 – 2007 Coached little league T-ball and soccer
2003 – 2009 Founded a synagogue from scratch as founding member, steering committee member, and Executive Committee Vice President for 7 years. Community still thriving today.
2023 – Future We are just getting started!


Married to wife Lisa for 35 years.
Three children: Dr. Jacob, Dr. Emily, and Dr. Cory are all practicing Chiropractors.

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