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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

I Choose My Life


I wrote this poem, “I Choose My Life,” at a time when I was in a difficult situation and couldn’t see any options. I felt down, hopeless, and overwhelmed with emotion. Then I realized that I actually did have options and choices, and this truly changed my life.

The 100 Year Lifestyle is about choices. So, when you realize this and embrace each situation and circumstance knowing that you have options, you will not be a victim, but instead, you will be empowered. Even under the most difficult circumstances.

There is another great article, and 100 Year Lifestyle Podcast, called The Movie of You. This exercise in self-awareness trains you to watch yourself interacting in the world like you are watching a movie of yourself. At any moment you can make a new choice in relation to your situation that changes your perspective. Indeed, this is a powerful exercise that, with a little practice, can change your life in so many ways.

Time has a way of making this discussion more meaningful. Think about a challenging circumstance that may have happened to you back when you were a kid that was very difficult. Maybe it was an unexpected break-up with a significant other. Maybe you were fired from a job, or some incident that caused you to feel a certain way. A decade or two later you may feel totally different about that same situation. Knowing this can support your choices in the present to make the best of every situation, or at the least change your attitude.

What choices are you making from moment to moment in your life? Here goes…


I Choose My Life

By Dr. Eric Plasker


 I choose to die. I choose to live. 

I choose to hate. I choose to love. 

I choose to close. I choose to open. 

I choose to cry. I choose to laugh.

 I choose to deny. I choose to believe.

 I choose to ignore. I choose to hear.

 I choose to be right. I choose to relate.

 I choose to scatter. I choose to focus.

 I choose to work. I choose to play.

 I choose to be angry. I choose to accept. 

I choose to despair. I choose to hope.

 I choose to give up. I choose to persist. 

I choose to suffer. I choose to heal.

 I choose to destroy. I choose to create. 

I choose to fail. I choose to succeed.

 I choose to extinguish. I choose to ignite.

 I choose to get by. I choose to excel. 

I choose to follow. I choose to lead.

 I choose to drift. I choose to commit.

 I choose my choices. I choose my life. 




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