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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Personal Responsibility and The 100 Year Lifestyle

Ask any lawyer and they will tell you that a basic underlying principle in law is that a person will be held responsible for the consequences of their decisions. The same is true for life in general. At the 100 Year Lifestyle we know that a key component in living your 100:100 is the choices that you make. While life can throw you curveballs and you will, without a doubt, sometimes find yourself in situations that are out of your control, for the most part you have choices. The easiest way to take or regain control of your life is to accept personal responsibility and create the lifestyle that leads to healthy longevity for you and your family. 

Disastrous Consequences

Not making your own choices, giving that power to others, often has disastrous consequences. The opioid crisis has been a result of doctors passing to Big Pharma the responsibility for the care of their patients, and patients blindly trusting their doctors without doing their own research. In both cases, there is a lack of personal responsibility.

The medical industry has a long history of using their perceived authority to create fear and coerce people into making bad decisions. (Remember the pro-smoking campaigns that began in the 1930s?)  Shame on them! But when we give them the authority to make decisions for us rather than assuming personal responsibility, shame on us!

Trust Yourself

Personal responsibility isn’t always easy. Remember, just because you have a differing opinion doesn’t mean you’re wrong. There is a long history of people who have disagreed with prevailing opinion in all areas of life, including healthcare, who have later been proven right. Personal responsibility is about doing what is right for you. It requires trust in yourself and the desire and strength to take control.

Take Back Your Power

Another way of abdicating your responsibility is letting people define aspects of your life. A lot of people believe that reduced mental or physical abilities are a fact of aging. Who says? At 100 Year Lifestyle we know that you can get older without getting old. It is the decisions you’ve made or poor advice that you’ve taken that have created the unhealthy lifestyle and any diminished capacities you might be experiencing. Take responsibility and start making your own healthy decisions today! Stop blaming old and you will take back your power!

Are you making the decisions in your life that create your quality of life—and longevity? Or are you giving that authority and control to others? The choice is yours!

Don’t Go It Alone

Making your own decisions does not, however, mean you have to go it alone. 100 Year Lifestyle providers are here to help you gain the information you need and the care you deserve to make the right choices to live your 100:100. Find a provider today. It’s one of the best decisions you can make! Another great decision you can make right now is to keep reading!

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