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A Must Read for Families




It’s that time again. Kids are either back or heading back to school soon. The weather is going to be changing. And before you know it, the holidays will be upon us. Gone are the lazy days of summer. We all know how quickly time flies during the last half of the year. With all that in mind, The 100 Year Lifestyle wants to take a moment to make sure you have all the information and tools you need to make these coming months as healthy as they are busy. This article is a must read for families living their 100 Year Lifestyle.

Kids First

This school year remember that every activity affects the spine. Contact sports, playing an instrument, sitting, and studying are all important and require a healthy spine and nervous system. Get Your Kids Back on Track for a successful school year by reading the entire article.

There was a time when screen time meant TV and was just for entertainment. Not anymore. Today, our kids are spending more time than ever in front of screen for learning. If you’re concerned about the possible hazards, you’ll want to know what you can do to set up Safe Computer Workstations for Kids.

If you’re concerned about “flu season” and back to school means a trip to the pediatrician’s office, you might want to consider the risks and options. From Heretic to Hero will give you an introduction to pediatrician and chiropractic supporter, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn. Every family interested in living a non-pharmaceutical, 100 Year Lifestyle needs to read about Dr. Mendelsohn, and then find out about today’s Off-Label Drug Use and Children.


Concerned about keeping the rest of the family living at 100% for 100 years as well? Start with The 100 Year Lifestyle’s Raising Healthy Families free ebook. Consider that the ultimate guidebook for keeping your loved ones healthy and thriving, regardless of their age.

To that add Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person – the article and blog. Together they share what choices you can make and steps you can take to make sure you’re living your 100 Year Lifestyle.

Interested in refreshing your skills and information? Don’t miss The 100 Year Lifestyle Way, Chiropractic Care, and You. You’ll get all the guidance you need to fully understand and embrace The 100 Year Lifestyle, and the role that chiropractic care can play in helping you live that lifestyle.

Getting a little stressed? Don’t. There’s no need because there is a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you waiting to help you and your loved ones have the best, least stressful rest of the year – and rest of your long, healthy life.

We’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s plenty of wisdom on our website including articles, eBooks, podcasts, surveys, audio transcripts of our articles, and more – all designed to keep you live your best 100 Year Lifestyle every day.

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