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Homework Headaches



Successful homework sessions don’t just happen. A little effort, planning, and support make the difference between homework headaches, frustration, and a battleground around the completion of homework, and the peaceful smooth sailing episode of your dreams.

The Real Headache

Afternoon headaches can be symptomatic of numerous causes. Getting to the cause is vital. A chiropractic examination or check-up will determine if there is misalignment of the neck, shoulders, or other part of the spine – a common cause of headaches. Many times, there is immediate relief.  Is the book bag or backpack too heavy?  Did an injury occur during practice or rehearsal?  Is dehydration possible? Is an essential vitamin or mineral missing from meals? Address the cause as soon as possible. Some chiropractic practices offer nutritional recommendations in addition to spine and nervous system services.

Study Skillset
Set Up

Arrange the study area to allow focus, good posture, and time management. Eliminate distractions and the battle stations structure. Successful homework sessions begin and end positively so determine what works for the best long-term benefit. Good set-up includes a reset of thoughts. If today was a challenge, remember that tomorrow is a new day. Recalling successes, big or small, that occurred through the day help redirect discouragement and fatigue.


Sitting for extended time can cause discomfort, a fidgety feeling, and a sense of boredom. Set a timer or alarm as a reminder to stand up and stretch, walk around the room, climb up and down the flight of stairs, and breathe deeply. While standing, rest your eyes by looking out the window or simply closing them briefly. If it is a challenge to sit or concentrate, ask when the last chiropractic exam or checkup was scheduled. There can be pressure on a nerve or misalignment without pain that causes dis-ease in organs, systems, or functions.


Keep nutritious snacks on hand to regulate blood sugar and help with concentration. Avoid sugary foods. Water is essential.  Herbal tea may help de-stress from the day.  If eating for the sake of “something to do while studying” is a habit, make changes now and snack sensibly. Avoid using food as a reward. View it as fuel to keep the engine running.


During the break, check your calendar and arrange the next chiropractic appointment to reset focus on the mind-body connection. This action can be a huge reward at the following homework session. After a break, do a “reset” with good intention and purposeful thought. Mark off what has been completed. Set a new goal for the next segment of the homework or study session. Reset the alarm or timer.

Success Awaits

The familiar saying, “They didn’t plan to fail,  they failed to plan,” speaks as a reminder that in the same way homework won’t do itself, the body needs help to perform at its best. Small steps and small changes lead to achieving all types of goals!




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