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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Masters of Our Health

We are not victims of our genetics. We are masters of our health. 

Masters of Health Magazine

Dr. Eric Plasker and 100 Year Lifestyle’s important message on Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person are honored to be published in Masters of Health, a beautiful, interactive multimedia magazine. Masters of Health provides an international platform for alternative health voices whose expertise offers evidence of the body’s innate intelligence and natural ability to heal itself.

Our multi-page article also contains supporting videos and is entitled “From Most to Least Vulnerable”, a message that is also being delivered by our Affiliate Doctors in the US and worldwide

At The 100 Year Lifestyle, we continually search to find partners of like mind, also committed to sharing tools and information to empower and educate people and help them understand that a healthier future is under their control. We could not have found a better partner than Masters of Health magazine! We are grateful for their generosity in making our information available to their community. Also featured in this issue are a host of impressive individuals including Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Robert Kennedy, Jr.

If you haven’t been aware of Masters of Health magazine in the past, not to worry, you are now. At 100 Year Lifestyle, one thing we know for sure is that it’s never too late! Check out the current issue, and subscribe to receive future issues – for free!

100% for 100 Years!

Know that at 100 Year Lifestyle we will continue to share the latest information, and quality sources of information, so that you can live 100:100 – 100% for 100 years! Interested in what Dr. Plasker had to say in this issue….

There has been a great deal of distress and fear about COVID-19, the flu, and other infectious diseases. These diseases are affecting the most vulnerable people. Who are these most vulnerable people? And what choices can you make for yourself and your family to become least vulnerable?

Who Are the Most Vulnerable People? Various medical institutions in the US and other western countries label seniors to be the most vulnerable people. They are the ones who are hit the hardest by COVID, the flu, and all types of infections. According to the CDC, the risk of dying due to Covid-19 is 630 times higher in people over the age of 85, as compared to young adults. Why are some elderly people considered to be the most at-risk population for infection and serious complications due to COVID-19, or any other virus?

The reason is not just because of their age. What makes the elderly most vulnerable? It’s that many of them are living lifestyles that include all of the additional factors listed below.

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