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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Handstand Happiness



Passion is the hallmark of a life well-lived. In the case of Dr. Debra Bell, owner of Whole Family Chiropractic in Cary, NC, and a 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Office, you could call her passion handstand happiness. Her youth cemented her passion for the world of gymnastics, her dedication and work ethic culminating in two State Championships. As an adult, her passion turned to a career in chiropractic, her joy found in helping her patients realize their health and lifestyle goals.

So it was no surprise that in 2014, she jumped at the opportunity to open her own gymnastics facility. She wanted a place where all were welcome, where she could share not only her love of the sport but her knowledge that fitness is one of the bedrocks of a healthy lifestyle. And thus, TRIumph Gymnastics was born.

Joys of Fitness

Since its inception, TRIumph Gymnastics has shown hundreds of children the joys and benefits of fitness. The kids also learn the importance of hard work and perseverance. Dr. Bell, known as Coach Debra at the gym, instills in her gymnasts a passion not only for gymnastics but an understanding of how everything from diet, to exercise, to your state of mind, can have a tremendous impact on the life you lead.

“People are living longer but not necessarily healthier,” says Dr. Bell  “Our goal, at Whole Family Chiropractic and TRIumph Gymnastics, is to help people achieve their optimum health so they can live to 80, 90, 100 years and beyond with vitality.”

And it’s not just for kids. Dr. Bell made sure that TRIumph Gymnastics offered adult classes as well so that everyone could see the benefits of a fitness routine in their lives. She herself uses these classes to stay in shape as well as continue a love of gymnastics that has never waned.


Healthy Habits

One of the major tenets of The 100 Year Lifestyle is the importance of a properly functioning spine and nervous system. Exercise and healthy habits, including Chiropractic Lifestyle Care, are crucial to the long-term well-being of these structures and the entire body. The doctors and team at Whole Family Chiropractic take care of pregnant moms, newborn babies, parents, athletes and people of all ages for both Crisis Care and Lifestyle Care.

Many of the gymnasts and their families utilize chiropractic care to perform at high levels, keep themselves balanced and heal quickly when injuries occur. Dr. Bell herself, as do many top athletes in nearly every sport, credits chiropractic care for making it possible for her to continue to pursue her passion of gymnastics.

After their workouts, many of the students and coaches will visit their favorite healthy eating establishments like Juice Vibe and Kale Me Crazy. This healthy choice helps speed their workout recovery and fuel them for the rest of their day.

Way of Life

Dr. Bell’s commitment to making the world healthier extends beyond the city of Cary. As a 1999 graduate of Life University, she is very involved in her profession serving on the board of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association and as a featured speaker at professional seminars.

Handstand Happiness is a way of life for Dr. Coach Debra Bell. She can be seen doing handstands wherever she goes, on the beach, in the mountains or on the sidewalk. Even Two-time Olympian Jonathan Horton, pictured here with Dr. Debra Bell and her daughter Teagan, got in on the act.

Be it gymnastics, chiropractic, or something else, find your passion and grab it with both hands. It will be the hallmark for you living at 100 percent for 100 years.




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