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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

What Happens When You Stop?



What happens when you stop eating healthy? What happens when you stop exercising? How about when you stop getting adjusted? What if you stop saying, “I love you” to your partner?

Importance of Lifestyle

Across all platforms, research has continually supported the importance of lifestyles and habits that foster health, instead of those that foster inactivity, disease, negative neuroplasticity, and loss of brain function. When it comes to exercise, research published in the journal Frontier in Aging Neuroscience revealed that endurance runners who skipped workouts for 10 days had reductions in blood flow to their brain.

Just like we cannot expect to eat healthy for one week and expect those effects to last a lifetime, the same is true for brushing and flossing, as well as honoring your most important relationships. Healthy choices are essential for a healthy long life.

This principle holds true for the health of your spine and nervous system as well. We know through research, that the brain and nerve system is like the rest of your body: when you don’t use or nurture it properly, it changes its form and function. Due to this physiological adaptation, the normal aging adult experiences a decline in information processing speed in the brain, affecting all nervous system processes, including, but not limited to, motor function, joint function, memory, cognitive quickness and slowed autonomic responses to homeostatic changes.

Adjust Your Lifestyle and Get Off the Rollercoaster

Additionally, its been found that continual chiropractic adjustments have been shown to increase health due to the ability to increase positive neuroplasticity.1 “In the past ten years, researchers have objectively demonstrated that spinal adjustments can change aspects of nervous system function including muscle reflexes, reaction time, and the speed at which the brain processes information.” At what point would you want your health in this area to decline? Probably never!

Make exercise a part of your lifestyle. See to it that healthy eating a part of your lifestyle. Commit to lifelong learning and nurturing relationships as a priority and as a part of your lifestyle. Instead of allowing the nervous system to stagnate, lose speed and function, utilize Chiropractic Lifestyle Care to keep your spine and nervous system well adjusted. You will enjoy the benefits of the care today and you will appreciate them even more as you age.

The 100 Year Lifestyle is about developing and nurturing habits that will ensure your health today and every day along the way to your 100th birthday and beyond. Abandoning healthy lifestyle habits just because you reached your goal weight or your symptoms went away will just set you back to where you were before your shift. The idea is to make healthy lifestyle habits your lifestyle!

“Learn to love the things that are good for you.”


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Contributed by Ambrose Koll and Dr. Eric Plasker




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