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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Your Internal and External Environment



Close your eyes and perform this visualization with me. Let’s visualize your internal and external environment.

Describe and visualize your ideal environment. Begin with yourself: your ideal health, energy, and shape.

Visualize the inner peace and personal confidence that you want. Picture yourself using your creativity and talents. Imagine using those talents to achieve mastery over something that you enjoy and can sustain you—for the rest of your life.

Maybe you have a love of words and communication. Imagine using that skill to help others through writing, speaking, or teaching. Or maybe you “communicate” with your hands or are creative—you love to paint or draw. Imagine drawing on and cultivating those talents as a part of your lifestyle. Maybe you are a healer or an excellent problem solver?

Are you utilizing these gifts to your capabilities? You will find the greatest fulfillment when you connect with and then act on your Innate talents throughout your life. So, imagine the rest of your 100 years with this in mind. Close your eyes for a moment now and visualize your ideal environment.

Now describe your ideal external environment.

Really get into the visualization, so you can experience it with all of your senses. See the colors of your ideal environment—your home, your car, your office, and your vacations. What are the things that you would be doing to enjoy each day to the fullest? What are some outrageous goals you would like to achieve? Is your environment filled with trees, an ocean, lake, or river? Does it include the mountains? Are you passionate about your work? What type of people are you surrounded with? How much fun are you having and what is making life fun?

Now that you’ve gone through this experience and you have opened your eyes, answer this question: Are you living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle? Is your current environment one that you can enjoy for the balance of your years? Is it a good starting point? If yes, what a fabulous foundation you have to build on. If not, get excited about the transition from where you are to where you want to be, and get ready to enjoy the journey!

There are three aspects of your environment that are important to consider in relation to creating your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle:

  1. Your Inner Environment: Your internal environment is the one between your two ears, and the one within your skin. It is your mind, body, and spirit. Create a compelling vision for the rest of your life that is aligned with your Innate Intelligence and develop the mindset, focus and health to make it happen. It has to come from within you.
  2. Your External Environment: Live, work, and play in the ideal external environment that resonates with your Innate Intelligence. Once you have the clarity, you can create and manifest your ideal environment. Sometimes this will happen quickly and sometimes slowly. The key is to move in the right direction, toward what you really want, one choice at a time. This will align your internal and external environments. Also, place yourself in external environments that feed your internal creativity. This will help you to attract, live and build your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle with ease.
  3. Congruency Between Your Internal and External Environments: Congruence between your words and your actions is powerful. Many people call it “walking the talk.” People who walk the talk have an inner strength regardless of their size, physical attributes, or age. Their integrity shines through. They have a presence about them that is appealing and attractive. The greater the level of congruency between you and your internal and external environments, the more magnetic you will be at attracting what you want.

The relationship between your internal environment and your external environment is crucial to a healthy, passionate, prosperous life.

You are going to be the one that has to develop the vision for your life. If someone else does it for you, you will be living somebody else’s 100 Year Lifestyle and not your own. The stress of this will cause an implosion and can eventually lead to all types of health problems, frustrations, and challenges.

I have seen incongruity between a person’s internal and external environment cause frustration for them in so many ways, costing them money, love, and health. Now is the time to upgrade your environments and fully enjoy the journey every step of the way, because you create your reality. Make your journey a fun one, so you can live your best 100 Year Lifestyle!







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