If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

What is Your Health Care Philosophy?



We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the time they are born through their last breath of life. This includes you! Do you have a health care philosophy that will help you live at 100:100, 100% for 100 years or more? Let us help you create yours.

Innate Intelligence

You have within you an innate intelligence. Present from the moment you were conceived, this intelligence guides the processes in your body that turn food into cells. It also eliminates waste products, coordinates muscle contraction, and communicates  to every cell, tissue, and organ of your body. It does this with or without your conscious thought via your nervous system.

Keep this system free from interference. If you do, you have the capability to heal, feel great, be healthy, and function well for a lifetime. Nurture this intelligence for the development of your human potential and you will set personal records in all areas of your life.


There can be interference to the communication and expression of this intelligence. This interference causes dis-ease, disharmony, weakness, and imbalances within your nervous system. Interference can cause all types of immediate health problems. Sometimes, this interference can lie dormant and asymptomatic for decades. Once it is no longer dormant, it can lead to severe health conditions, chronic pain, deterioration, and disease.

Nerve interference can occur in the brain or the spine which can be caused by vertebral subluxation.

Lifestyle interference is a result of poor health habits such as overeating, poor nutrition, excessive drinking, taking prescription or non-prescription drugs, or sitting too much.

Environmental interference is caused by toxicity from air, food, water, or chemicals, as well as accidents or natural disasters. All three types of interference can cause interference within your spine and nervous system and affect your health on every level.


Remove the interference from your body through adjustments to your environment, lifestyle, spine, and nervous system so that your body can heal itself and function at optimum health and peak performance levels for a lifetime.

When looking for a Doctor of Chiropractic, seek one who specializes in removing interference to your spine and nervous system while providing you with information to optimize your health and quality of life. Let the 100 Year Lifestyle help you to create a health care philosophy that lasts for 100 years…and beyond!




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