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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Twenty-First-Century Taskmasters



Procrastination is a challenge we have all faced at one point or another in our lives. Often we feel like we have an endless amount of time to complete a task. Then, we manage the task as a way to fill the time. If we have a month, we take a month, even if the project would require just a handful of focused days. Rather than letting our most important goals and significant results determine how we fill our days, many of us have become twenty-first-century taskmasters who are busy, busy, busy all the time but never seem to get anything done.

Clearly, this may be human nature for some of us, but not for the truly high achievers who want to be as productive as possible while also enjoying the most incredible Play Time in their lives. Become a Quality Time Living person and take yourself to the next level.

The Quality Time Living Model

To optimize your 100 Year Lifestyle, start by dividing your time into three different realms:

  • Prime Time: This is about production. It is the time you designate to produce results, utilize your skills, and apply talents to generate value in the world. This is all about working in your professional life or for your favorite cause, and it is a very important part of staying sharp, purposeful, and productive.
  • Prep Time: This is about organization and strategic planning. This is the time that you plan, organize, do research, and lay the groundwork for superb Prime Times and fabulous Play Times.
  • Play Time: This is the free time you spend reading, getting massages, playing golf, doing yoga, traveling, going on hikes with your family, and taking vacations.

The Reality of Time – Prep, Prime, Play

Prep Time

This is how you should think to make the best use of your Prep Time. Obviously, the way our world is currently set up, you could not take these 75 days in a row. However, you could scatter them throughout the year and designate them as Prep Time. Over the next year, two years, or three years you could make it happen. Are you starting to get the picture of how to use the Quality Time Living model? I’ve just given you those 75 Prep Time days a year or whatever number you think you would need based on your current life and your future goals. Your job is to think about your life and goals and decide on the number that would work for you.

Prime Time

How much Prime Time do you need to double, triple, or even quadruple your income or production? If you had 100 intensely focused Prime Time days this year, would that be a good start? Would it take 150 days? What do you think would happen if you took these 150 days in a row? You would probably fry yourself with this constant intensity and burn yourself out. Is it any wonder that you feel exhausted all the time when you feel like you have been living in constant Prime Time for over the last 25 years? Think about how much more productive you could be. Consider how much more money you could make. Think about how much more you could contribute if you take ownership over your time and focus your energy this way. What an energy enhancer it is to take control over your life with the structure of Quality Time Living.

Play Time

Without a doubt, Play Time is where it really gets fun. From this point forward, look at Play Time differently than you ever have before. You don’t have to earn it. It’s not required that you be exhausted to take it. And, you take as much of it as you can afford to take in order to enjoy the quality of life you deserve. Can you imagine taking 365 Play Time days a year for the last 30 years of your life? This is complete retirement.

The problem for many of today’s retirees is that they get so out of balance. Then Play Time just isn’t fun anymore. They get bored out of their mind without the balance of a productive purpose to keep them stimulated. How much Play Time would be enough to give you the balance you desire? What if you took 122 Play Time days a year and balanced it with the Prime Time and Prep Time to sustain you and keep you connected to your creative passions in the work world. If you truly enjoyed your vocation so that it also fed your soul while you continued to earn income, you would fill yourself up in all three aspects of Quality Time Living.

Fill Your Days

Certainly, as your financial situation improves over time, you can balance your schedule with the number of Prime Time, Prep Time, and Play Time days to support your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. Maybe you have had a great run and are financially independent but are tired of the 365 Play Time days a year and want to get back in the game?

How many Prime, Prep, and Play Time days would get you engaged in your life again? And provide the balance that would also keep your peace? What if you want to transition yourself to a new job or a new business? How many of each type of day would get you there?

So, step out of your Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday rut. Begin to label your days, weeks, and months with this new model of time. Watch how your results, contributions, and passions fill up your days. You will find yourself using this language and you will love it. Your friends and family members will love it too as you take them along for the ride. You will refine your quality of life as you age in years, rather than retiring into the grumpy old stage in which many of today’s aging population have found themselves after being blindsided by their extended life. Start living in passion and precision.

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