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Travel Tips To Stay Healthy On The Road



When it comes to your health and fitness regimen, routine is vital. Travel can throw you out of balance which is why travel can place a lot of extra stress on your system. But deviating from your normal routine doesn’t have to mean abandoning it all together. Here are some great travel tips to keep you on healthy on the road:

  1. Pack for Success

    Pack everything you need to exercise on the road and plan to use it. Set a daily fitness reminder on your phone. 20-30 minutes may be less than your normal workout, but if that’s all the time you have, use it!

  2. Stretch 

    From airport hassles to traffic to lumpy mattresses, travel can bring just about every variety of stress you can imagine. Double down on your normal stretching routine while you’re away to reduce stress. At fuel stops, get changes, and during wait times, stretching exercises can pay big dividends when you arrive at your destination and when you return home.

  3. Scale Down 

    Even if you can’t get to a gym while you’re away, you can enjoy a perfectly good workout in your hotel room, Airbnb or using your surroundings. There are hundreds of Apps that can keep you inspired and keep your workouts fresh – get creative. Consider packing exercise bands to do some resistance training. Bring your Fitbit and Apple Watch and use the programming that is build in. Pack a workout DVD or sign up for an online workout program, like Beachbody Fitness. That way, you can do a session every day in your room, or even add some calisthenics to your favorite high-energy music.

  4. Buddy Up

    Odds are someone you’ll be traveling with or visiting wants to stay on track as well. Make a plan to meet up with them and work out together. Support each other and hold each other accountable. Staying healthy will feel a lot less burdensome if you share the load and you’ll build stronger bonds that will enhance your relationships and may even help you close the deal.

  5. Walk it Off 

    Look for opportunities to walk while you are traveling. Hold a “Meeting on the Move” with potential customers and co-workers. If you are renting a car, park farther from your destination than you normally might. Likewise, if you’re in a city, walk instead of taking an Uber as much as possible. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator at your hotel. Walking is good for your body and mind as well as very beneficial for stress relief.

  6. Skip the Chips 

    When we travel it is easier to lean towards convenience when choosing our next meal. Be sure to plan ahead. Find nearby restaurants that offer healthier options, keep apples in your room for when you’re in a pinch, and regulate your meals by avoiding overindulging. When you look at a menu, choose the simple items, like lean meats with vegetables or salad. The simpler the option, the cleaner the ingredients. Also, if you tend to drink more alcohol, scale back or set a cut-off time, so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

  7. Meditate 

    Take brief time out of your day to focus on your breath and clear the mind in between your schedule. Simple alarms that remind you to pause and take deep breaths can make a huge difference from a busy day to a more precise and focused day. Guided meditations found on YouTube can help clear any under-managed stress, bring intentional focus to your mornings, and even help wind down for a better night’s sleep.

  8. Bounce Back 

    Travel is by its nature unpredictable, and it’s easy to slack off no matter how hard you try to stick to your health and fitness routine. Commit to getting back on track the day you get home no matter how tired or out of whack you feel. Get a good workout in, eat healthy and schedule an adjustment with your chiropractor to balance your spine and remove the stress from your nervous system.

  9. Adjust Your Lifestyle 

    Make the changes that you know you need to make and then make those changes your new lifestyle. When you are travelling, this will make it natural for you to say yes to the things that are good for you and say no to the things that are not. Working out and eating healthy will help you sleep better on the road. Getting adjustments before you leave and when you get back can strengthen your body and make travel less traumatic. Adjusting your lifestyle in these way will help you avoid the roller coaster ride that often plagues people who travel a lot.

Enjoy your journeys. Take care of  your health before and after your travels. Find a 100 Year Lifestyle Provider near you today!




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