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The Triune of Triathlons

The Triune of Triathlons includes the three sports of swimming, cycling, and running. Together they create one of the most challenging and fulfilling competitions one can find. It is also one of the fastest-growing sports across the country. The key to success in triathlon is to condition your body in all three sports in order to perform at your best.

Leading Up

Triathletes spend months of training and dialing in their nutrition leading up to the race. There is a lot of planning that takes place in order to prepare your body to endure the many miles you will cover with limited food and water. It would be extremely difficult and dangerous to show up at the starting line unprepared.

On the day that an athlete signs up for their first event, there’s usually no way they could complete the race and it seems like a crazy idea. But as they train, their body steadily changes and come race day they are primed and ready to go. This phenomenon that happens in endurance sports is the change that occurs in an athlete over time. Getting ready for a race doesn’t happen in one day, one week, or even one month.

What exactly is this phenomenon that enables your body to adapt to the training and compete? It is a second Triune of Triathlon that is as follows…

Innate Intelligence

Your body has an innate intelligence that is allowing it to adapt and change according to your training and nutrition. This intelligence conditions your muscles and improves the metabolic pathways to use your energy stores effectively throughout the race. Your body will adapt as long as your nervous system is healthy.


There can be interferences to your body’s ability to adapt. These can be lifestyle-related such as lack of sleep, poor nutrition, overtraining, alcohol, work, and relationship stress. There can also be nerve interference. Dysfunction in your spine and nerve system has a negative impact on your body’s ability to adapt to your training and may lead to injury or poor performance. Since your nerve system controls your body’s ability to adapt, interference here will slow your training plan and you will not get the maximum benefit out of your workouts.


Remove the interferences in your lifestyle and in your nerve system to optimize your training. By eliminating the things that are holding you back, and making small changes and corrections, you will improve your overall health, respond more efficiently to your training, eliminate and prevent injury and optimize your performance.

The chiropractic care our office provides addresses this triune to help Triathletes and all other types of athletes heal quickly from injury, adapt to their training, and perform at their highest level.

All Athletes

Casual athletes and anyone for that matter who addresses this triune as a foundation of their health and lifestyle often see great results. Many people begin to feel less pain, have more energy, take fewer medications, sleep better and set personal records in the gym. Others have more stable emotions and improve their relationships with their family and loved ones. Others see allergies clear up and their immune systems get stronger. Kids often become more focused, stand up straighter and demonstrate a greater sense of well-being.

Just as training consistently will allow you to race at your best, getting checked for nerve interference regularly will allow your body to function properly so that you can achieve optimal health and peak performance.

Whether you’re thinking about taking on a Triathlon, or you just want to get more out of life, apply this triune. Take your Innate Intelligence out for a test drive and you will be blown away by your own capabilities. Remove the interference from your life and make the critical transition from crisis care into lifestyle care. Adjust your lifestyle and enjoy a sensational century. Find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you to help you on your way!




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