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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

The Sound Of Silence



If you don’t live near train tracks you’d find it impossible to think you could ever get used to the noise. If you do live near train tracks the sound of the train literally becomes silent over time. So what is the sound of silence when it comes to health care? The flu kills 30,000-65,000 (1) Americans every year and nobody “hears it” because we are simply used to it. We’ve lived with it for so long that it isn’t reported anywhere, it doesn’t scare people, it doesn’t cause the government to overreact or even react at all. Restaurants don’t close, the economy doesn’t screech to a halt. We don’t tell people you can never get back to NORMAL until there is a “cure.”

Hearing The Train

If the flu just appeared today for the first time we would be “hearing” that train for the first time. Let’s say we weren’t used to the flu, it would be alarming today. If we weren’t used to the flu deaths, there would be some panic. And if we weren’t used to the flu deaths, there would be some shutdowns and government intervention.

Covid-19 is a new train. It makes a different “noise” and we are hearing it because it’s new. We also have 24-hour news stations and social media to inform, misinform, and over-inform us. There is a political landscape that will politicize anything and everything. We have BIG PHARMA and Big Tech greed that is out of control. As well as, the perfect storm for this train to be heard by everyone.

The Sound

But this train is no different than the flu train. We will get used to the sound of it and learn to sleep right through it just as we do with the flu every year. We will make improvements to dampen the sound, but we won’t stop the train from running. Regardless of our efforts, the train will still run on the same track.

What will change is that we will get used to the “noise.” We’ve already “unheard” the following “trains” and the deaths they cause every year in this country:

Close Your Eyes and Listen

Just think of the incredible amount of horrible side effects that Big Pharma advertisers manage to cram into the last 10-30 seconds of every drug ad. Nearly every drug includes the side effect of death, even if the condition it’s meant to treat wasn’t life-threatening in the first place. The next time one of these ads comes on the TV just close your eyes and try to listen to the words without the images of the smiling faces and balloons. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve been able to “un-hear” over time.

When you live by the principles of The 100 Year Lifestyle, you can keep your body and mind functioning at its absolute best. When the body functions at a high level you have the best chance of preventing and overcoming all forms of disease. I say this with 100% confidence because disease only exists in the absence of health. YOU CAN’T HAVE HEALTH AND DISEASE AT THE SAME TIME. As you lose health you develop disease.

Your primary healthcare goal should be to proactively develop health every day, on the road to a sensational century.

1. CDC website, annual influenza death statistics 2013-2019





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