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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

The Issue About Our Issues


We all have issues. I’ve learned this from taking care of thousands of patients from all walks of life. Over the years, I’ve taken care of celebrities, royalty, professional athletes, and multimillionaires as well as many everyday people. I’ve worked with healthy people who were committed to Lifestyle Care and I’ve also taken care of people who were really sick and suffering. It is amazing how different people respond to their issues, and we all have them—all of us.

The question you have to ask yourself as you change your internal environment is: Do you want to make your issues your life? Or do you want to make your life your life? The people who are having the most fun—and are also the most successful at reaching their goals and achieving balance—are the ones who manage their issues while they live their ideal life. They make their life more important than their issues. They are able to keep things in a perspective that makes inner peace, fulfillment, and happiness more important than their challenges.

Shift Your Energy

Developing a compelling vision for your 100 Year Lifestyle is crucial to your long-term success, health, and happiness and shifts your energy of your issues. Not doing this has been one of the biggest challenges for many of our current seniors and centenarians. Because they didn’t know they were going to live as long as they have, many of them have developed destructive, survival or complacency thought patterns that are causing them to deteriorate way before they should.

Changing your view of longevity from a 60-year or 70-year lifestyle to The 100 Year Lifestyle changes the way you view your life. Develop a vision for your extended life and then change your external environment to match.

Short Story

When my father got sick with Alzheimer’s, everyone in my family was in denial about his condition. My mother, on the other hand, because she lived with him every day, knew that his condition was progressing rapidly. Her ability to accept her situation enabled her to make the best choices to deal with her issues and live her life. She handled her issues and my dad’s issues with class and a proactive approach, while she also lived her life.

While we all watched him deteriorate, we also watched her take the lead on the action steps necessary that, in the long run, were the best for him and the best for her—even though those decisions were difficult ones. What was amazing to me was that during this process, she continued to try and live her best life and make choices that were through progress, not perfection, taking her down the best road for all of us who were involved.


My father has now passed and my mother holds a position that enables her to use her skills as an adult educator. She is making a difference for others and helping people reach their full potential, which is her primary purpose in life. My mother transitioned from a high-stress intense commute to now working closer to home. Mother remained loyal and loving to him for nearly 50 years of marriage and through his illness, while using her talents to make a difference as an educator—creating programs for seniors that improve their quality of life.

“To be able to accept your current situation while you also remain committed to creating your compelling future, one choice at a time is a tremendous skill to develop.”

Imagine this: If you hike a mountain and look out to the horizon, you can see for miles. If around a nearby city, the landscape out will be illuminated at certain angles by thousands of homes. Their rooftops penetrate the sky at all different heights. Inside every one of the buildings is a reality, a vision, a way of viewing the world that differed in big or small ways from my own as well as from each other. Each reality is defined not only by a unique set of values, experiences, and ambitions but also by a unique approach to life.

It is clear that it is generally more important what happens inside the four walls of a house than outside. What the owner of each house sees from the inside is the only thing he or she can manifest on the outside.

Think about what happens at seven in the morning when the multimillionaire and the construction worker wake up and go to work each day. Both are honorable people with different experiences and views of the world. They breathe the same air, drink the same water, and live in the same state. Because they have different visions for their lives, they manifest different results in their life.

Your Vision

How about two people in different homes that both make $50,000 a year, and one is in debt up to his eyeballs and one is investing in himself every month. Depending on the vision you see for your life, you will manifest what your mind can see. The internal environment you choose to see will take you as far as you are willing to go. Why not choose to see your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle? Find a provider to help you along the way!




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