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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

The Benefits of Lifestyle Care



The benefits of Lifestyle Care are many and well documented. From improving athletic performance, increasing brain function and increasing bone density to strengthening the immune system and preventing deterioration, the results can be dramatic. And as common sense and world-renowned chiropractor Dr. Ernie Landi has stated so eloquently, “If you prevent it, you don’t have to treat it.”


Chiropractic Lifestyle Care is about keeping your mind, body, spine and nervous system functioning to its full potential throughout your lifetime. This helps keeps your resistance high, stress levels low, energy balanced and allows your brain and body to communicate efficiently, enabling you to enjoy life to the fullest.

People will frequently ask, “This makes a lot of sense. How often should I eat healthy, exercise, or get my spine and nervous system checked?”

The answer is to make all the things that are good for you your new lifestyle. Set goals and priorities around the lifestyle you want to live and the organize your life around those priorities.

The intensity of your Lifestyle Care will depend on the intensity of your lifestyle. If you go on an eating binge, you will follow up with a cleanse. Should you decide to run a marathon, you will increase the intensity of your training. Having a lot of stress will lead you to increase your meditation or look for healthy ways to balance.

The Right Care

When it comes to utilizing services to help you, if you want a fitness breakthrough you may hire a trainer. To keep your body functioning at high levels you will want to vary the frequency of your chiropractic checkups to coincide with the intensity of your lifestyle rather than wait for a crisis. This is how many top athletes and performers stay on top.

People who live stress free lives and have no underlying deterioration and have moderate stress require much less Lifestyle Care. On the other hand, people with more stress and deterioration require more frequent care and those with severe deterioration and stress require much more frequent care to keep their body functioning at high levels of health. Once you determine your goals and your current state, you will be able to better assess your needs with your trainer, chiropractor or other type of provider or support system.

The most important thing for you to understand is that Lifestyle Care should not be based on symptoms or a crisis. As the intensity of your lifestyle changes from month to month or from year to year you may find that the intensity of your Lifestyle Care also needs to change.

This shift from crisis care to lifestyle care is the consciousness change that can ensure a better life every day on your way to a healthy, active, more enjoyable 100 years. A 100 Year Lifestyle provider will help you one your way!




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