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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Nerve and Lifestyle Interference



Everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from the time they are born through their last breath of life. This includes you and your loved ones. Nerve and lifestyle interference can affect your health and life in on many levels and in many ways. They can reduce the expression of your potential on a daily basis. Understanding these will make you aware of when and how this interference is happening. Once aware you can make choices to keep them out of your life.

Cumulative Interference

Cumulative interference is the first way that interference can affect you. As a simple example, it is not the first cookie that makes you fat. It is all of them cumulatively over time. It is not the first cigarette that gives you lung cancer. They have a cumulative effect. It may not be the first fall your child takes while learning to walk or playing on the playground that damages their spine and nerve system. No doubt it is not the first eight hour work day sitting in a chair that causes your posture to decay. It is all of them and the cumulative impact that they have on your body’s ability to express its innate potential. The problem with cumulative interference is that the effects may remain asymptomatic for days, weeks, months or even decades.

If you have habits that are contributing to lifestyle interference, it is better to change them before a crisis occurs. Waiting until you are forced to because of a crisis can lead to a lot of unnecessary suffering. It can shorten your quality and quantity of life.

Nerve Interference

When it comes to nerve interference from vertebral subluxations, for example, research shows that nerve compression can exist without pain. Bones, joints and nerves can begin to show signs of decay shortly after an injury. This will affect the function of your body on many levels. This can slow your reaction time as an athlete and it can affect the function or your organs and systems even if you don’t feel it. Being proactive with chiropractic check ups can locate and remove this nerve interference before it becomes chronic or symptomatic.

Sudden Massive Interference

Sudden massive interference is the heart attack, the stroke, the car accident or that one sudden massive episode that radically interferes with your body’s function and health to the point that it demands immediate attention. Hospitals are filled with individuals whose health has been suddenly and massively interfered with. In the case of the heart attack, stroke or cancer patient, the sudden massive interference may have resulted from years of asymptomatic cumulative interference. Once that interference reached a threshold where the body just couldn’t cope any longer, it caused severe symptoms and disease. This is an example of how dis-ease leads to disease.

Another type of sudden massive interference might be a car accident or a severe sports injury where the body is traumatized suddenly, causing immediate severe damage and health problems. Sudden massive interference requires the type of care that both “stops the bleeding” and manages both the disease while also removing the interference. Doing one without the other is an incomplete strategy for optimizing your health. This is why many patients see their medical doctor because of cancer, heart disease and other serious conditions also receive see their chiropractor. Removing the interference so the body has the best chance to heal itself is an important aspect of care that is too often neglected.

Lethal Interference

Lethal interference is just what it says: lethal. This is where life is immediately terminated because of the severity of a sudden massive episode of interference or the severity of the effects of cumulative interference. As an example this is the fatal heart attack, drug overdose or plane crash.

There is nothing that can be done for lethal interference after it occurs. However, understanding cumulative and sudden massive interference can help you make healthier, quality of life, choices. And live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle! Make the choice today to eliminate nerve and lifestyle interference so that you and your loved ones enjoy the quality of life you deserve. Find a provider near you!




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