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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Surround Sound Support



A Surround Sound System of Support covers all of your bases of social needs. You should have people in your life who support you in pursuing the quality of life that you desire, help you reach your full potential and goals, and stick with you through tough times.

When you look at your current support system, you may find that you have support only for times of crisis. When this happens, you might find yourself on an emotional roller coaster. This should not be the primary way that you connect with people.

Think of it this way: If your financial adviser specializes in debt relief, you will struggle to build wealth because you won’t have the proper support in place. If you have a doctor who only treats disease, you won’t have all the information you need to achieve optimum health over your extended life.

Surround yourself with the right kind of support.  Surrounding yourself with the right type of support is very freeing for your mind and soul, because you know that you’ll be able to make the best of every situation.

When building a solid surround sound support system…

  1. Share your Truth– Discuss your long-term vision. When you do the things you love you will also attract more people who thrive in similar environments. Talk about your vision and goals whether work, finance, health, or relationships. Make your voice heard by implementing your needs into real conversation. This will set the tone clear and create an environment for open and intentional communication.
  2. Actively Listen– Ask questions and listen. The concept of listening has been misunderstood- we listen to respond. Be a supportive friend and listen to understand. Many times we give advice to those who truly want to be heard rather than taught. By actively listening, we can tune into this empathetic mode by relating to one another rather than comparing. Clear the air, allow venting, forgive, and be there to deliver a fresh breath of air- This is the healing we find in a healthy support system.
  3. Commit- Healthy relationships are a two-way street- participate! Get involved, try out new experiences, and plan activities that build stronger ties. Quality time spent is an honest dedication towards commitment and also helps initiate the momentum towards a lasting friendship.
  4. Expand Your Inner Circle– Have multiple circles of relationships. When people have a variety of relationships, they experience a balance of support in all areas. Whether spiritual, career-oriented, educational, family-related, or health-forward, different people will touch on these areas of our life. Don’t rely on one person to give you surround sound support. A solo speaker cannot produce surround sound- we need many speakers to fill the rooms in our home and play the musical tunes that will allow us to enjoy every moment.

Be the change we wish to see in others so you can establish a new support system while also attracting those who support you similarly.

We set the tone of our lives by attracting those who speak the same language. Luckily, we have thousands of languages to choose from, so choose a language that speaks your truth, and Live your ultimate 100 Year Lifestyle! Find a provider near you!


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