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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Something We All Want



A world where we understand we are all part of one human family and know our lives have purpose. Isn’t that something we all want? The mission statement of the Fetzer Institute is “helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world.” They believe in “a world where we understand we are all part of one human family. We know our lives have purpose. In the world we seek, everyone is committed to courageous compassion and bold love—powerful forces for good in the face of fear, anger, division, and despair.” 

More Meaningful Love and Forgiveness

In 2010, the Fetzer Institute commissioned a survey. Surprisingly, that survey is still considered by many to be the ultimate survey on love and forgiveness in American society. Among the key findings were that:

American adults recognize a need for more meaningful love and forgiveness. Sixty-eight percent of Americans agree (strongly or somewhat) that they need more meaningful love in their personal lives, and this number increases to 89% in their communities, 94% in America, and 95% in the world. Sixty-two percent of Americans agree (strongly or somewhat) that they need more forgiveness in their personal lives, and this number increases to 83% in their communities, 90% in America, and 90% in the world.

Additionally, 91% of Americans feel that the world is becoming more fearful and violent. 87% believe that the United States is too divided. Reminder: this survey was taken in 2010. Imagine what the numbers are today.

How to Begin

Additionally, the survey found that 82% of Americans agree that it’s personally important to feel part of a community. 58% said that they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. However, they don’t know how to begin. 

As we enjoy this holiday season and prepare to move into a new year, let’s remember these numbers. Know that the people participating in this survey could have been our friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, the stranger in front of us in line at the grocery store, or even ourselves. They (we) could possibly use more meaningful love and forgiveness in life. They (we) could feel separated and fearful and could use some help in becoming part of a community. 

Indeed, in the 100 Year Lifestyle community we try every day to remember that the bonds that unite us are stronger than the forces that try to pull us apart. We realize that the reality of the past does not dictate the reality of the future. We know for certain that we all have in common the body’s innate ability to heal – from physical, mental, and emotional traumas. And we know that we, each and every one of us, are the starting point for change in the world. 


So, let’s remember that what we’re all looking for, what we all need, is what we’re all capable of creating together. To you, our 100 Year Lifestyle family, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Together we can look forward to a year of courageous compassion, bold love, and the health we all want to see in the world!

Remember that the 100 Year Lifestyle website is full of information. Additionally, it is available to you 24/7 – 365 days a year! Consider us as your personal support team, with you along every step of your 100 Year Lifestyle journey. Our team and providers are looking forward to continuing to support you in the New Year!




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