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Maggots Kill Elephants


Breaking Fake News: Maggots Kill Elephants

“We now have conclusive evidence that maggots kill elephants. After 10 years of extensive study and evaluating the carcasses of dead elephants in Africa and India, we have found that maggots are the number one killer of elephants. Researchers have accumulated over 1,000 images showing tiny maggots covering dead elephant bodies. These maggots are eating the elephant’s once gigantic structure down to the bone. We must, in all good conscience, eliminate maggots or elephants will disappear from the planet forever.

Our strategy is to spray toxic chemicals into the environment over all the elephant-dense population areas. These chemicals paralyze maggots by destroying the integrity of their nervous systems. This will surely kill a significant number of adult maggots and cause their offspring to reproduce with faulty genetics that will keep them from growing strong enough to destroy our beloved, gentle giants.

The side effects of spraying these neurotoxins will be minimal because compared to maggots, elephants are big and strong and so are the other surrounding animals and plants. Therefore, the maggots will die while the elephants will live and be preserved. We have tested this neurotoxin over a one year period and found that the maggot population has been significantly reduced and there are no significant side effects to the elephants or other living things in the environment. If we spray consistently over the next 10 years we are sure to eliminate maggots and ensure the longevity of one of earths most glorious creatures.”

Ridiculous Statements

Of course, this is a ridiculous statement and it is not true. Yet this is how we treat bacteria, viruses and even cholesterol in our current healthcare system. We know for certain that the overutilization of antibiotics is compromising the immune systems of millions of people and has even led to a new generation of superbugs that kill up to 23,000 people every year, driving up healthcare costs by more than $20 billion dollars annually.

Statin drugs, which are being used to lower cholesterol, were not tested for long-term use. Research shows no evidence of their effectiveness increasing life expectancy or preventing heart attacks. The side effects are becoming more well-known and devastating as time goes on.

Cholesterol is an extremely important chemical that your body makes and needs to function normally. The role of cholesterol as a cause of heart disease has been debunked in the current research. The price that families and individuals are paying, as a result of these side effects, is heart wrenching, while the profits for the drug companies are absurd!

Faulty Premises

Much of our current healthcare system is based on faulty premises, poor science and Big Pharma’s drive for profit. We need real healthcare reform that takes into account the Innate healing capabilities of the body, addresses lifestyle choices, and individual responsibility, while eliminating toxins from food and the environment. Real reform starts with you, your choices, and how you think about your health, healthcare, and longevity.

Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” As defined in The 100 Year Lifestyle 2nd Edition, now is the time for “real, lasting personal and cultural change.”

Spread this vital message, make different and truly healthy choices, and find a provider that supports your health goals!




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