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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Love and The 100 Year Lifestyle

Let’s talk about love and The 100 Year Lifestyle. Love is an important component in living The 100 Year Lifestyle. Your partner or spouse should be the #1 member of your Surround Sound Support System. Your partner or spouse, along with the other people you love during the course of your lifetime, play key roles in every aspect of your life including your emotional and physical health, your financial stability, and your sense of belonging and security. Love relationships allow us to connect deeply with another person, experience trust, motivate us, inspire us—often to be better people, and teach us. While having a significant other and loving relationships in your life may not actually be necessary to life itself, they are undeniably necessary to the quality of your life. 

Not Always Easy

Love, however, isn’t always easy. For some people it proves more difficult than others. It can be more difficult to find and more difficult to sustain. Sure it is easy to fall in love, to feel that wonderful, new, exciting feeling. However, losing that loving feeling can also be easy. So how are some people able to commit to and thrive with life-long loving relationships while others are not? The answer lies in whether you use “love” as a noun or a verb. At The 100 Year Lifestyle we say that love isn’t chemistry, love is choice. 

It is true for people the world over, that the “in love” feeling will fade over time. That new relationship won’t be so new and that new person in your life will become more familiar and less exciting. That’s the time, if you are committed to this person, that love as a verb takes over. It is a choice to see the good in your partner every day, rather than focusing on the things that bother us. You have a choice to accept them as they are, rather than trying to change them. It’s your choice to remember why you chose to love this person in the first place, and not let disagreements or hard times derail you. Love is about making the effort to always see the good in this person and thinking about their needs and desires, not just your own. Real love, meaningful love, life-long love is work.

Part of a Healthy, Long Live

Choosing who to love is another one of the long-term vision choices that you make in creating your 100 Year Lifestyle. You need to make sure that you are choosing to love someone who will support you in the choices that you make for yourself. Ideally, they will share your beliefs on many fronts, including lifestyle and health, and want that for themselves as well. Who you trust, who you support and ask to support you, who you commit to for the long-term, are all choices you make as part of a healthy, long life.


One final note on love. No conversation about love would be complete without mentioning that the love in your life includes self-love. You must never forget how special and important you are. If you learn to love yourself–the good and the bad–then you are better able to develop the self-confidence to make the choices and changes in your life that support you at the most fundamental levels. It is by realizing your self-worth that you lay the foundation for creating a long, healthy life, and all the love that comes with that. 

Love begins with taking care of yourself—for yourself and the ones you love. Begin on your path to 100:100—living at 100: for 100 years. Find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you today!

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