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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Healthy on the Set

Carla and Sebastian on the set of ELIZABETH HARVEST @iTunes, @amazon


On the morning of my 55th birthday, I received an unexpected text. Hollywood stars Carla Gugino and Sebastian Gutierrez were in Atlanta and wanted to be adjusted. They asked if I would come to Carla’s temporary home at Ponce City Market in downtown Atlanta. Shewas living there while filming the  Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House. With a fun afternoon already lined up, I accepted. I was hoping to keep them healthy on the set while enhancing my birthday celebration.

Always a warm welcome from Melville

When I arrived at the apartment, Carla, @carlagugino, and her other half, Sebastian, were about to begin a Pilates session in their studio. They greeted me and my wife, Lisa, with an open spirit and genuine heartfelt gratitude. There was something special about these two human beings. And, of course, they truly appreciated our spontaneous availability and their chiropractic adjustments.

Many of you have seen Carla in the Spy Kids trilogy, Watchmen, Night at the Museum, Entourage, The Space Between Us, and Gerald’s Game to name a few.

Carla and Sebastian filming JETT in Cuba

Sebastian, a top screenwriter and director, is the creative force behind numerous movies like Gothika, Snakes on a Plane, Elektra Luxx, The Eye, and the recent Elizabeth Harvest. Both are in their prime as they approach the halfway point of their 100 years.

Over 33 years of practice and professional speaking worldwide, I have been honored to be able to take care of top athletes, musicians, business leaders, and politicians. While so many “stars” seem to lose themselves in their fame and success, some becoming addicted to prescription and recreational drugs, not these two.

Eating healthy, positive thinking, exercise and Chiropractic Lifestyle Care are all important to them and they make this lifestyle a priority wherever they are in the world. In fact, they were referred to me by my friends and colleagues Drs. Jay and Josh Handt of New York Chiropractic and the Lifestyle Locker Podcast, fellow 100 Year Lifestyle doctors.

As time went on, it became clear that the success of this Hollywood leading couple was not an accident. Over the next 9 months we became friends. I got to appreciate their leadership skills, authenticity, discipline, talent, dedication to their craft, and that they made their health a priority.

Dr. Plasker checks Carla for Subluxations

Lisa and I visited the set so that I could adjust Carla every time she was in town. It didn’t take long for many of the other cast members to get in on the act and follow her lead. Other actors, stage people, security guards, and film crew all got in line to be examined and adjusted because of the difference that the Chiropractic care made for their performance.

And for good reason, eating healthy was not always an option on the set. The stress levels were high. Constant waiting around was followed with “hurry up and perform” for up to 16 hours a day. Repeating the same scene over-and-over again to achieve perfection can be both mentally and physically demanding. Keeping their nervous system clear and the pressure off their spine became an important part of staying sharp, healthy and ready – as well as helpful in their day to day recovery.

Carla and Sebastian have been together for many years. Their talents and leadership were inspiring to experience. They are a leading woman and man because of how they live, not just how they act and direct.

On set at The Haunting with Carla, Dr. Emily Plasker and Lisa behind the camera

Carla started acting at 13 years old out of Los Angeles. She began to embrace this lifestyle when she was a young adult by staying attentive to nutrition and by practicing yoga in her spare time.  As an advocate for preventative measures, Carla got her first adjustment when she was 16, in California. Sebastian is health conscious, lean and fit. He was relatively new to the chiropractic piece of 100 Year Lifestyle. But he has embraced its mindset and holistic longevity principles.

Carla filming The Haunting of Hill House

“I have had a deep interest in health since I was a child.  I’m not sure why but from a very young age, I had an instinct that preventative health care and lifestyle was the way to go. At least for me”, says Carla. “My friends have given me the nickname “Dr. Gugino” as I’m always researching cool alternative ways to stay healthy and vibrant. I have found chiropractic adjustments to be a key part of that. Regular adjustments in Atlanta while filming The Haunting of Hill House made a HUGE difference in my experience and my work. It was a very challenging  role and production and keeping the flow going in my body and calming my nervous system was key to the marathon 8 month shoot.”

Eating gluten-free, supplementing with quality supplements are not always easy when traveling or working long hours. The demands and intensity of the work cannot be overstated. But she is committed to this lifestyle. Her commitment is an important reason why she can maintain the pace of her schedule and keep herself healthy.

Fortunately, she also understands the importance of balance. The intensity of her character in The Haunting of Hill House required an escape. Between projects she disappeared in the Caribbean to relax, let go, be pampered, and enjoy the beauty of the beach.

“I usually approach “trendy” holistic/medical things with a skeptical eye and a sense of humor, says Sebastian. “But when you look at the science and realize what you thought was a ‘trend’ is basically one of the oldest living principles around, you are humbled in your ignorance. I have found chiropractors to be some of the nicest people who have made the biggest difference in the quality of my life.”

Great actors and directors who love their work, like Carla and Sebastian, can take on roles at any age. Many of them do not retire. Many greats like Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Cicely Tyson and Betty White still go strong into their eighties and nineties. For these people, who don’t need the money, retirement is an unhealthy,  outdated concept. They much prefer to do what they love, continue their growth and make an impact.

Lastly, and most importantly, is their commitment to giving back to people and organizations who need support and attention brought to their situation. Three organizations that are meaningful to Carla are Worldwide Orphans,@wworphans and African Childrens Choir @acchoir and GLSEN @glsen. “Giving back is a MAJOR key to a healthy lifestyle for me,” Carla said. What a great value system that we all can adopt.

For Carla and Sebastian, their best is yet to come. The same is true for you! Live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle – and enjoy a sensational century.

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