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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Capitalize on Your Passions



Studies show that seniors engaged in artistic pursuits are actually improving their health. Yet, don’t pursue lifelong learning and creativity simply to produce longevity. You make them a part of your lifestyle so that you make your journey enjoyable and passionate every step of the way. It’s time to capitalize on your passions.

There will be seasons when you’re constantly feeding your hunger for knowledge, feeding your creative drive, and cultivating your rock-solid support system. You will also have seasons when you are growing your business and raising your family. There may also be seasons when you relax and beach yourself. Maybe you are or have been in the hibernation season, like a bear, and are ready to come out of your cave.

The important thing is to never hold yourself back from change and lifelong learning because you think you are “too old.” You are never too young or old to learn. New seasons and passions may arrive unexpectedly at times. Embrace them. Take the time to think about all the things you would love to experience in your lifetime. You may be overtaken with a desire to do something out of the box. Seizing such moments is what The 100 Year Lifestyle is all about.

Life as a Bucket List

It seems like everyone is making this list and checking things off as they go. Your Bucket List can be filled with experiences you want to have, trips you want to take, and things that you would like to learn. You will attract multiple circles and generations of people to support you with the individual items on your list, making great new friends along the way.

Have you heard of the Persistence Principle? It is so important. Take it with you as a daily refresher, because the choice to stay in the game and not let the challenges get you down is crucial to enjoying your journey and reaching your goals. You never know which is going to be the final drop of knowledge and experience that makes the biggest impact on you or has the most meaning. Embrace them all with passion.

Let Go and Embrace the Lesson

Letting go of past mistakes is very important for growth and progress. Many people become afraid to learn new things because of previous mistakes. Forgive yourself, and others who may have hurt you, and move on. Learn from them and re-engage.

Everyone makes mistakes. The longer you live, the more mistakes you will make. Learn from them. Grow from them. Forgive yourself and others who may have hurt you. Move on.

Pause and take the time to see the hidden lessons embedded in your experiences. Think of it this way: If your experience teaches you to expand yourself, your relationships, or your business, you will furthermore invest towards your future with new insights like never before. Say thank you for the forced lesson, and change your life. Be on your way towards supporting your passions regardless of the outcome by persisting. We are not meant to be perfect, yet we can build in resiliency towards our happiest, healthiest ways of human expression. Live out your passions towards a joyous 100 Year Lifestyle by being the most embraced version of YOU.

Your Passions Are Ringing

Explore what makes you the most passionate and invest in those skills, whether for fun or for a career. Capitalize your interests for your next level 100 Year Lifestyle. What do you love? Write it out and set your goals. It is never too late to live your ideal lifestyle – it just takes a simple step towards a new direction. What are you waiting for? Your passions are ringing. And a 100 Year Lifestyle provider is waiting for your call!




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