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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Your Minimum is Not Your Maximum

What is your minimum life expectancy? Your maximum? How about for your children? What will your quality of life be like along the way? These quick calculations and facts can be a real wake up call for you and your loved ones.

Calculate Your M-PYR™ (Pronounced “empire”)

M-PYR stands for Minimum Potential Years Remaining. It takes into account what you know about your personal family history and compares this to your current age to determine the minimum number of years that you have left.

Calculate Your M-PYR Now:

1. What’s the age of your oldest grandparent ever (living or deceased): ______

2. Your current age:       ______

3. Your M-PYR (2 – 1): ______

So what’s your M-PYR? If your oldest grandparent ever was 90, and you are currently 45, then you have an M-PYR of 45. This is your MINIMUM potential years remaining. If your oldest grandparent ever was 82 and you are 77, then your M-PYR is 5. If your oldest grandparent ever was 102 and you are 32, then you have an M-PYR of 70.

Longer Than You Thought

If your M-PYR is longer than you thought, look at your choices and evaluate their long term benefit to you. Not doing this could be setting yourself up for a sick and deteriorating future, even though you may feel fine today. If you are a procrastinator who is already suffering from an unhealthy lifestyle, a long M-PYR can be very motivating. After all, there’s only one thing worse than suffering, and that’s suffering for another 25, 50, or 75 years.

Committing to healthier lifestyle choices, including taking care of your spine and nervous system with chiropractic care, can ensure that your remaining years are good ones and not years of sickness, poverty and loneliness. Healthy choices now will improve your life now, and as you age.

If your M-PYR is short, than you will surely feel a sense of urgency to get your act together.

Waiting for a heart attack to eat healthy and exercise is a bad idea.

Waiting for a diagnosis of cancer to eat healthy, exercise and strengthen your immune system is not a good idea.

Why Wait

Just because society is crisis motivated, doesn’t mean that this is the way that you should be. Why wait for a crisis?

Look at family photos of your parents and grandparents. Do you like the way they have aged? Do you think that if they knew they were going to live as long as they are, or did, that they would have made different choices? You are getting the advance notice that they never received. What will you do with this information?

Your M-PYR is not your MAX-PYR™

Your M-PYR is not your MAX-PYR, or maximum potential years remaining. Who knows what your number could be? If you ate healthy, exercised, took care of your spine and nervous system, had good relationships and a sense of purpose, what would be the limits of your longevity?

New research in the Lancet found that more than 50% of babies can expect to live to 100. If you make healthy choices you are much more likely to enjoy a quality life for your entire lifetime.

Consider the man whose M-PYR was -1. This man had already outlived the oldest relative in his family, and he was really happy about it. He was healthy and functioning at a very high level. He had a great perspective on his life and he was very glad to be here.

Your M-PYR is not your MAX-PYR. Make healthy choices. Find a 100 Year Lifestyle chiropractor near you today!





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