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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Treating Symptoms and Conditions



Treating symptoms and conditions. Every day we turn on the television or read an article online to find out there is a new treatment for our condition. The list of treatments that temporarily alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms we are feeling such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, stomach aches, fever, skin rashes, etc. is endless.

Temporary Relief, Forever Medication

These treatments may help us feel better in the moment. However, all too often the symptoms return right after the treatment is stopped. Many people are told they must take a medication forever. Yet, over time their body adapts to the medication. The uncomfortable symptoms return. Often they return with a list of serious and life changing side effects that can even be worse than the original problem.

What if you began to look at your symptoms and conditions in a different light and took a different approach? Maybe your body is trying to tell you that it’s time to resolve the underlying cause of your symptoms? What if your body wants you to empower it to heal itself?

Central Nervous System

When you are ready to address the cause of your condition, it is wise and effective to look to the master control system of the body first, the central nerve system. Your central nerve system controls and coordinates every function of the human body, including every organ, tissue, and cell. It is essential that your nerve system communicates properly with the body to promote healing, ensure health and adapt you to the environment. Whether it’s digesting your lunch, getting rid of a seasonal cold, or reaching your fitness goals, your central nerve system must be on the job and functioning at optimum levels.

Dr. Irvin Korr holds a PhD in Neurophysiology. He has dedicated five decades of his life to understanding the central nerve system. Dr. Korr found that areas of the spine not properly functioning create interference in the central nerve system. This interference caused decreased immunity and malfunctions in digestion, infertility, focus, attention, and energy.

Chiropractic Care

Too many people, and healthcare providers, address symptoms without taking a deeper look at the cause of your problem. 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Chiropractors understand. They use a state of the art approach to address the function of your nerve system.

Do you have a nagging symptom, chronic condition, or are looking to improve your health? Maybe you want to reach peak performance levels? Then today is the day to make an appointment for a chiropractic evaluation. And when you do, don’t just take the symptom treatment approach. Make the Critical Transition to Lifestyle Care so you can begin living your best life every day instead of wondering how your symptoms will disrupt your life down the road.

If someone you know is struggling with unresolved symptoms and they are ready for a more permanent solution, refer them to a 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Chiropractor. Our Affiliates will be happy to meet with them and discuss how chiropractic may help them heal and live their ideal 100 Year Lifestyle too!




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