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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

September is Reason to Celebrate!




The entire month of September is reason to celebrate as it is the birth month of chiropractic care and the month we celebrate National Centenarian’s Day! Each week we’ll be talking about different reasons to celebrate the anniversary of chiropractic care – and chiropractors – and talking about the people among us today who are creating a new understanding of our longevity potential and redefining quality of life as we age. At 100 Year Lifestyle we think those two celebrations go hand in hand! Let’s party!


On September 18, 1895, in downtown Davenport, Iowa, Daniel David Palmer, D.D., adjusted Harvey Lillard and the rest, as they say, is history. Since that time millions of adjustments have taken place around the world and people receiving them testify to the fact that regular chiropractic care means always being at your best. 

There is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause.   

Dr. D.D. Palmer, Father of Chiropractics


Deemed “Essential Service Providers” during the pandemic, chiropractic has gone beyond its invaluable role in crisis care. Today it is valued for family, lifestyle, and performance-based care as a holistic primary solution in living a healthy, drug-free life – your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle!

The spine is the lifeline. A lot of people should go to a chiropractor but they don’t know it.

         Jack LaLanne (lived to the healthy age of 96)


Every Stage of Life

Families today are not only seeking out chiropractic care but relying on it at every stage of life. Chiropractic care can help make the pregnancy and birth experience healthier and more enjoyable while helping to minimize risk. Women all over the world are including chiropractors as a vital member of their birth team.

However, even the easiest of births can cause trauma. According to Dr. Abraham Towbin from Harvard Medical School and the Department of Pathology, “The birth process, even under optimal conditions, is potentially a traumatic, crippling event for the fetus.” The symptoms of this trauma may not be visible until much later.

Once we had Presley and Kaia it was only natural to have regular chiropractic check-ups after they were born and go for regular check-ups to keep them healthy.

Cindy Crawford 

Pediatric chiropractic care after birth and throughout life helps children heal naturally from all types of conditions and supports good posture to counterbalance technology, sitting too much, and childhood falls. It helps kids get their lives off on the right track healing ailments ranging from sinus problems to scoliosis. 

As we age, chiropractic care continues to play a vital role as an abnormal or weakened structure, spine, and nervous system subluxation can cause accelerated aging that can make you feel older than your chronological age and shut down the life-giving nerve supply to your organs. 

I just don’t have time to get old!

Dolly Parton (said to an interviewer while getting adjusted before going on stage)

New Way of Aging

We know that your age doesn’t have to be an indicator of  your vulnerability. Today’s centenarians are teaching us that growing older is not a one-way ticket to deterioration and inactivity. They are showing us a new way of aging that is full of excitement and opportunity if you combine the right attitude with the right actions.

Join the party! Start taking those right actions today. Take The 100 Year Lifestyle Assessment and start building your best, healthiest, and longest future possible. There is a chiropractor near you ready to help you on your journey!




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