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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Outliving Relationships


The passing of time can make the bonds of relationships, whether they be family or friends, all the stronger and all the more cherished. Going through life’s ups and downs together not only creates memories, but makes us the people we are. Having these relationships can be the biggest joy in our lives. However, outliving relationships, particularly important relationships, can be one of the biggest challenges of living longer. 

Support System

Having a Surround Sound Support System means you have people in your life that help you have the quality of life you desire, help you reach your full potential, and stick with you through tough times. While having these different circles of friends might mean you are never alone, it might not. Experiencing the passing of friends and family is can be one of the greatest challenges of living a long and healthy life. People can experience loss at any age. However, the fact is that the longer you live, the more loss you will experience. Loss is a reality of life in general and of our extended life spans in particular. 

That is why having multiple circles and generations of relationships is important to create balance as we age. Ongoing or significant loss in life can throw our world out of balance and lead to depression, social isolation, and emotional and physical decline. 

Having friends of all ages, having children in our lives, insures that throughout our lives the number of funerals we attend will be balanced out by the number of celebrations we attend. Staying connected ensures we will embrace our longevity

Dive Back In

If you do experience significant loss, allow yourself time to heal, then dive back into life. Volunteer, join a new club, or take a class. Living at 100:100 gives you long-term vision to plan for life’s challenges, and the physical and emotional flexibility to make the changes necessary to maintain the quality of life you deserve throughout your life. 

Your 100 Year Lifestyle gives you the long-term vision necessary to make decisions in all areas of your life that will benefit you from your first breath to your last. No one wants to grow old alone, and no one has to. Create a team today to help you—and your loved ones—age in style. 100:100—100% for 100 years! Find a provider to help you create your 100 Year Lifestyle.

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