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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Longevity Industrial Complex



There is a Longevity Industrial Complex forming in the world. In fact, it has been forming for many years. It is built around capitalizing on your body’s innate intelligence, what you already have inside of you, your birthright. 

All Encompassing

Never heard of the Longevity Industrial Complex? Think I’m overstating the situation? According to Forbes (2019):

The Longevity industry will dwarf all other industries in both size and market capitalization, reshape the global financial system, and disrupt the business models of pension funds, insurance companies, investment banks, and entire national economies.

What’s more, according to The State of Longevity Report 2021, “The longevity market is set for explosive growth. The business opportunity in longevity is just getting started.”

First on the Beach

I started speaking about the 100 Year Lifestyle over 20 years ago, before the first Blue Zones book was published. As the first one to consistently speak about mankind’s potential for healthy longevity, I was ridiculed. Yet, since those early days my message has never changed, nor has my passion for spreading that message. Your 100 is coming, and I want you to make the right lifestyle choices to get there in health and vitality.

Since those early days, everything that has been happening in the world has shown that what I have been saying is correct. Despite the pandemic, centenarians remain the fastest growing segment of the population. That is true around the world.  

It’s All About Lifestyle

And those who are reaching those advanced ages with health and vitality have their lifestyle to thank. Regardless of which Blue Zone you look at, the process has been the same. There has never been a pill, potion, or product that created a Blue Zone. Think about that. Blue Zone residents are famous for the healthy lifestyles they live and the choices they make from birth to death. 


Yet, the Longevity Industrial Complex continues to grow and gain momentum. Why? Because we have a history of our medical system wanting people to believe that health is something the average person isn’t born with but needs to achieve. And they now want you to believe that health cannot be achieved without health insurance, a team of physicians, a pharmacy in your medicine cabinet, and ritualistic adherence to prescribed therapies and protocols. 

As we say on every page of our website, the reality is you have inside of you everything you need to live an active, healthy quality of life— if you make good choices. Good choices when it comes to food, exercise, stress, relationships—in other words, lifestyle. 

Don’t Buy In

So don’t buy into the slick fear mongering promises of the Longevity Industrialized Complex. You don’t need expensive pills, potions, or products to live a long and healthy life. The 100 Year Lifestyle is pure, clean, and authentic. We have been the unwavering voice and thought leader of these principles for over 20 years.

Still not convinced? Read any one of the Centenarian Stories on our pages or any one of the Blue Zone articles. You will see the common thread—the only commonality across continents and cultures— is healthy lifestyle choices.

Hunting Dogs

As far as the Longevity Industrial Complex goes, they remind me of a quote by economist and author Paul Zane Pilzer. It goes like this:

The hunting dog marched proudly in front of the hunters, keeping a watchful eye behind to make sure that he was being followed. When the hunters turned to go in the opposite direction, the dog sprinted to a new place in front of them, again proudly proclaiming his place as their leader.

The Longevity Industrial Complex are hunting dogs. They just want to make money on you, your health, your innate intelligence, and longevity potential.

Quality of Life

You do not need to interfere with the body’s systems to achieve longevity. However, you need to support those systems. Of course, you need to do what’s good for you and stop doing what’s bad for you. That’s where chiropractic care comes in. Chiropractic is a quality of life issue. 

We all are born with the possibility of longevity. Chiropractic care at any age will support your innate intelligence and quality of life. That’s reason enough to find a 100 Year Lifestyle chiropractor near you.





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