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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

“I Don’t Want to Live to 100”

I don't want


Many people are excited about the opportunity to live to 100. Some people say, “I don’t want to live to 100,” and are freaked out by the thought. With all of the insanity that is in the world right now, people’s opinions and feelings are passionate about this issue.

Here’s the thing…regardless of your opinion or feelings, it is important to realize that you may not have a choice in the matter as 100-year-old people are one of the world’s fastest-growing groups!

Accidental Centenarians

We look at this older generation and think to ourselves, “I don’t want to be like that.” We have a skewed view of aging and longevity because this current generation has outlived their scientifically predicted life expectancy by five decades! Very few of these people planned to live this long. They got there by accident and have enlightened us on our longevity potential.

In other countries like Japan where people live healthier longer, the older generation is more active. Their wisdom is appreciated. They stay engaged with family and community. And they are not drug cultures. They embrace the body’s natural health and healing capabilities. This is what living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle is all about, quality every day.

If it’s not 100, what is your number?


Seriously, if 100 isn’t your number, what is? Is it 44, 58, 63, 77, 85, 92, or 107? Or is it actually not about the number at all? If you had quality days and years along the way, why would you ever want to check out?  I’ll never forget when I asked “Papa Hy,” my wife’s grandfather who was turning 100, if he would give me a quote for The 100 Year Lifestyle and his response hit me right between the eyes!

He said, “Never in a million years did I think I would live to 100. I wish I would have known 50 years ago.” What will you do with your advance notice?

Here are three simple steps to immediately improve your quality of life from this point forward  and to get you excited about your extended life span:

Develop a long-term vision for your quality of life.

Create an image in your mind of how you want your life to look as you age. Keeping a long-term vision in your mind creates a compass for your life and your choices. Most people do not want to wake up in ten years and look in the mirror at a sick, overweight, stressed out, broken-down reflection. You can get away with abusing your body and mind for a few months or years, but after a while it will catch up with you. The wake-up call can be devastating and avoided.

Make daily choices today that support the long-term vision.

Watch yourself like you are watching a movie and every time you are faced with a choice, make it with your long-term vision in mind. Choices that improve your quality of life today will automatically support you in a better quality of life as you age. Brushing and flossing are better than waiting until you need a root canal. Eating healthy, staying fit, and personal training sure beat cardiac rehab. Good posture and chiropractic lifestyle care beat crisis care, disc problems, and neurological damage.

“Learn to love the things that are good for you!” You will feel younger every day and enjoy the journey more!

Be the change.

If you make the same birthday, anniversary, or New Year’s Resolutions year after year, stop kidding yourself! Make today the day that you truly commit and do not settle for mediocrity. If your current destructive habits are causing you some level of suffering, there’s only one thing worse than suffering today. Do you know what it is? It’s perpetual suffering or suffering for 100 years.

Age Younger

When you do live these three simple strategies, you will feel younger and more energetic next year even though you will be one year older. Live like this over the next decade and the same will be true.

 It’s time you enjoy the best quality of life possible so that regardless of what your number is you make the most of every year along the way.

Here’s to 100 Percent for 100 Years!




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