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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

How Successful People Manage Time



When popular entertainers are on the road, they often do different gigs in a different city every other night, sometimes every night. This can be a challenge. How do they do it? This is why many highly successful people already use the  Prime, Prep, and Play Time model to find balance and maintain their schedules. They get through it by dividing up their time. When they are onstage performing before crowds, they are in Prime Time. When they are rehearsing, they are in Prep Time. And they incorporate downtime into their schedules as Play Time. It’s how successful people manage time.

Peak Performers – Because They Have To Be

Successful people make optimal use of their time—because they have to. They are peak performers and many people count on them. Most of us don’t carry around quite this same level of responsibility. Nor do we have the benefit of people managing us and showing us how to make optimal use of our time. But, knowledge is power and if you begin to value your talents and choose how you utilize your time with the same intention as these professionals, you will notice a giant step up in your quality of life on every level. Your Prime Times will quadruple in productivity, your Play Times will be much more fun and exciting, and you will stay organized through it all during Prep Time.

We’ve also heard stories of entertainers, athletes, and businesspeople who, because they don’t understand the importance of this balance or don’t have a structure to follow, are constantly in Prime Time and suddenly collapse—ending up in hospitals and suffering from stress and exhaustion. We see this with entrepreneurs who do the same. They go and go without giving their minds, bodies, and spirits the chance to revitalize and renew.

Remembering Principles

Balance is crucial for creativity, sustained energy, and peace of mind. It’s necessary for longevity. It’s necessary for ongoing business success and the personal fulfillment of sharing this success with the most important people in your life and the philanthropic causes that feed your soul. This Quality Time Living model will give you the structure to truly have it all.

Now take a moment- reflect on the Magnet Principle. Change is easy. Thinking about change is hard. The reality of Quality Time Living is that you can rethink the way you look at the days, weeks, months, and years to reinvent your life and make the changes you know you need to make, without compromising your life. You can easily use this model to make your priorities the priority, even if you are currently locked into a “nine-to-five” job. This is how you get off the treadmill and start building upon your time and experiences for your best 100 Year Lifestyle. Live yours today.

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