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Happy and Healthy Holidays: Thanksgiving



With the holidays comes the never-ending feasts with your family gathered around a table sharing stories and laughing together–in other words, memories you wouldn’t trade for the world. While this is a special time, it’s important to remember that the food isn’t what makes it meaningful, but rather the company.

Since it really is all about who we celebrate the holidays with, consider making these healthier food choices for your feasts around holidays instead of choices high in fat, sugar, carbs, and calories. If you do, everyone in attendance will be one step closer to living their best 100 Year Lifestyle.

Grilled Turkey

Though everyone loves delicious fried turkey at the holidays, we all know it isn’t the healthiest option available. Fried foods are high in fat, calories, and often salt, which are all things you want to enjoy in moderation. When you grill your turkey instead of frying it, you aren’t adding any unwanted or unneeded elements to it. Keep things simple this year by grilling your turkey and sprinkling some herbs and seasoning on it. It’s sure to be a hit.

Mashed Cauliflower

Before you close this browser out immediately, consider what’s in mashed potatoes: one medium-sized white potato contains 163 calories. That’s not including all of the other potatoes that go into mashed potatoes, and definitely not all of the butter, milk, and salt in addition. One helping of mashed potatoes equals about all of the calories from the rest of the options at the table combined.

Consider trying smashed cauliflower instead. It’s a much healthier alternative for everyone in your family with fewer calories and carbs.

Real Cranberry Sauce

Ditch the packed-in-a-can, made-for-the-holidays fake cranberry sauce and make the real thing instead. There are only 45 calories per cup of cranberries. This allows you to basically eat this by the spoonful without any guilt. On top of that, one cup of whole cranberries has 8,983 total antioxidant capacity, meaning your immune system will be able to fight off any diseases coming its way during the wintry season.

No More Casseroles

Casseroles are a hit around the holidays. Though there probably isn’t a soul on earth who doesn’t love a good casserole, there’s no denying the fact that they aren’t good for you. Instead of green bean casseroles, squash casseroles, and sweet potato casseroles, considering roasting up a colorful plate of vegetables and listen to the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ come in as you deliver the beautiful plate to the table. Without the cheese, milk, cream, and butter, your family will thank you for the healthier option.

Family feasts around the holidays are truly amazing, but this year, switch things up. If all of you commit to living your 100 Year Lifestyle, eating healthier together will make it easier. It can even be fun! You might find that the healthier options are more delicious than the unhealthier ones as is!

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