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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Forgive and Be Free

Forgive and be free. Many people can relate. They know that their inability to forgive people in their lives is a burden. They want the freedom that comes with forgiveness, but they don’t know how to start or what to do. Let’s get you on the path to forgiving and freedom right now.

Feelings Cause Results

Intellect, personality, and skills do not assure a life of happiness and fulfillment. Whether it’s deliberate or not, we all live under the law of cause and effect. Our strongest feelings are magnets that continually attract similar circumstances (like attracts like!)

If you feel stuck, it’s time to let go of any and all blocks. In one day you can change the direction of your life.

Forgiveness Sets You Free

Write down the payoffs of all of that negative misery. Then write down the payoffs of setting yourself free from the hateful emotions you have been carrying. Are you ready to be free of the pain and create a new life? Prosperity, happiness, and good fortune are available to all of us.

Open Up to a New Life

Loss and pain can be unfathomable. You may be filled with rage and hatred for the person who caused it. When you begin taking steps to let go of all the negative emotions, you can come alive again. Through forgiveness, you set yourself free and began to live again. Forgiveness gives you a “New” life!

A Radical, Life-Changing Concept

All of life is energy. What if you became grateful for everyone who has touched your life? Imagine the possibilities of re-framing your most painful life experiences! Strange as it sounds, it’s all perception—our perception. You could “see” your painful experience as a learning experience, a life lesson for future reference or an experience that contributed something positive to your life. When you stretch and implement this concept, you open up a new, unlimited life for yourself.

Express Gratitude

Whether it’s our health, relationships, money, or career – express gratitude. “Whatever we are grateful for will grow and expand; whatever we resent will wither and die.”

These words of a philosopher so clearly articulate the results of focused emotions. A 20-year study to determine the characteristics of happy people discovered that gratitude is a huge part of happiness. Especially being grateful for the “less than perfect” situations. When we appreciate difficult/painful people and situations, we take the negative energy out of the equation. We open up our consciousness to attract more people and things “to be grateful for.”

Enjoy NEW Thoughts and Feelings 

Since we live under the Law of Attraction, prosperity and abundance are available to all of us. If we are not experiencing the desired prosperity, something needs to change.

One question – Do you want to be happy or right? 

All of life is now.
Perceptions are a choice!
Forgiveness sets you free.
You control your life results.
What you see is what you get (Flip Wilson).

YOUR FUTURE IS NOW! Set yourself free to live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle! 

Reprinted by Permission Nightingale-Conant Corporation




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