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Eliminating Electromagnetic Pollution



Serious health seekers recognize the exceptional dangers precipitated by our electronic age, specifically electromagnetic pollution. Cell phones and their towers, computers and their routers, and the endless miles of fiber optics and wiring place us all in the path of disease. All of these technologies (and more) emit electromagnetic radiation, a form of energy that is a high-speed frequency which effects every one of our cells. Undeniably, this provokes abnormal function, which does harm to the entire body.

Cover Up

Without a doubt, the industries that manufacture these technologies have spent millions on covering up their product’s damaging effects. Far too few scientists speak out in the hopes of protecting the unaware public.

Luckily, multiple organizations and professionals have worked to control these dangerous effects. Researchers at Hippocrates Institute have engineered technologies to dramatically minimize the assault from atmospheric, electronic scalar smog.


Swedish Oncologist Dr. Lennart Hardell is another professional advocating to remedy electromagnetic pollution. Dr. Hardell has petitioned the cellular industry for decades after exposing the connection between wireless phones and a plethora of cancers. As of now, Samsung is the only global company that has half-heartedly attempted to reduce the damaging frequencies that are emitted from these devices. U.S researcher Dr. Debra Davis is working with allies at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco. Together, they have clearly exposed the connection between physical disorder and cellular usage. This is particularly so in the case of children with their developing brains.

Attempts by other organizations have fallen short to curb disease-causing pulses that emanate from phones, routers, and now even electric cars. However, our cutting edge technology, the HHI360 series and the HHI Pulse, can help protect you and your loved ones.

Disrupting Devices

Dr. Hegall Vollert and Director, Ana Maria Gahns-Clement, created the HHI Pulse to directly protect your body from electromagnetic pollution. It comes in a quarter-sized pendant with a chord to wear around your neck. The HHI360, on the other hand, sticks directly to your electronic devices. It is a small, round EMF disrupting device that affixes to your computers, phones, cars, and routers to virtually eradicate their harmful electromagnetic pulses. Dr. Gandi has been publishing scientific papers on this subject for nearly half a century and is the primary scientist in reviewing the technologies that we now employ in the HHI360 protection series.


With these innovations, you can help protect your family, friends, and yourself from this dangerous phenomenon. In most cases, we are enduring this radiation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All of your organs, including your brain, heart, skin, and bones are made up of cells. Afflicted by frequencies, they cannot symbiotically communicate or bond together to make healthy tissue. In turn, they deteriorate, or lose their structure, causing inherent weakness to anatomical strength. Be informed and make choices based upon valid common-sense approaches to health. Necessary work and personal communication do not need to contribute to your legacy of disorder. Do not be caught up in the fervor of the day and forget the basics about your bodies need for biological normality.

You may want to read articles from Healing Our World hosted on the Hippocrates Health Institute website that reference the work of Dr. Hardell and Dr. Davis. Go to . Under the “About Us” tab click “Hippocrates Health Institute Magazine.”

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