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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

Baby Boomers vs. Their Parents



Which group do you think is healthier, baby boomers or their parents? When it comes to baby boomers vs. their parents, unfortunately for boomers, unhealthy lifestyles have caused too many of them to be in worse health than their parents during the same stage of life.

A  study in JAMA Internal Medicine reported only 13% of today’s baby boomers are in excellent health while their parents’ generation was 32%. Comparatively speaking, 39% of today’s baby boomers are obese and 16% have diabetes. The previous generation’s numbers for these same conditions are 29% and 12% respectively. According to Dana King, a professor at the West Virginia School of Medicine and the study’s lead author, today’s baby boomers are twice as likely to use a cane or walker than the previous generation. “It’s not too late to adopt new, healthy lifestyle habits and make a difference in your health,” said King.

Don’t Wait for a Crisis

What will it take for you to make the lifestyle changes you know you need to make to improve your quality of life? Will you wait for a severe crisis that leaves you with permanent damage and a future of disability or will you make a quality of life, Lifestyle Care, choice that will ensure your quality of life for the remainder of your years.

Easy FitNESS Acronym to Remember

The acronym FitNESS can get you on the right track immediately. To get and stay healthy and fit you need neurology, nutrition, endurance strength and structure.

Neurology: Every cell tissue and organ needs innervation, nerve supply, to function properly.

Nutrition: Choose quality calories over empty calories every time you make a food choice. Drink plenty of good clean water.

Endurance: Cardiovascular exercise including walking, running, riding a bike or swimming. These exercises will prepare you for the marathon of your extended life.

Strength: We have all seen an older person struggle to get out of a chair. Don’t wait until you lose your strength to try and get it back. Strength train now.

Structure: The health and function of your posture, spine and nervous system will determine how active and healthy you can be as you age.

Every element of this FitNESS acronym is important if you want  to function properly and be active and healthy as you age. It is very important that today’s baby boomers learn from our current generation of seniors and super-seniors. Those folks were blindsided by their extended lives. You cannot blame your genes for your current health condition. Adjust your lifestyle and optimize the expression of your genes so that you can enjoy the quality life you deserve. Find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider to help you along the way!




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