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A Healthy Work And Life Balance



Figuring  out how to maintain a healthy work and life balance is a challenge for most. Time and time again we hear how we need to manage our time better. However, it can be so difficult with all of the many responsibilities we have as adults. Between work and family, you might not have time left for yourself. Or is that statement not as true as we think? Did you know that there are 525,600 minutes in a year? That number is astounding. The 100 Year Lifestyle believes in the principle of the Quality Time Living System. Its purpose is to give you control over how you spend your time so you can be excited every day.

Quality Time Model

How do you achieve a healthy work and life balance? You may think that because you are young, have children, and need to be stable that there is no time for yourself. That is false. Time is both a tool and a resource. In order to live your full 100 Year Lifestyle, divide your time up. Part of the Quality Time Living System involves 3 categories: Prime Time, Prep Time, and Play Time

Prime Time is all about production. Obviously, this is time for your job, career, and work on any skills. Prep Time is the time needed to prepare for your Prime Time. How long does it take to do those things? Plan ahead of time for work. Prep Time can also include organizing your schedule. Play Time is self-explanatory. After a long day, allocate time for relaxation, entertainment, bonding with friends and family, and self-care.

Less Stress

Time management will have a direct impact on lowering your stress. Your numerous responsibilities can seem overwhelming. This is one of the reasons for the Quality Time Living Model. By outlining what you are giving your time too, you can be at ease. The 100 Year Lifestyle advocates minimizing stress as much as possible.

High levels of stress can contribute to heart disease, cancer, headaches, ulcers, backaches and nearly every condition known to mankind. It’s so important that your stress is low. Remember that no job is worth a mental strain. Over time this can build up and be detrimental. Quality Time is essential to achieving longevity.




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