If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

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Mung Bean and Sweet Potato Burger

  Sweet potatoes are a beloved staple around the world. They are one of nature’s sweetest, most filling nutritional powerhouses. No matter how many different

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Lifestyle Care Continuum

Enjoy the Healthiest Holidays Ever

If you, your family and friends are healthy, consider it a blessing. The opportunity to gather and enjoy each other’s company without the worry or

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Raising Super Healthy Families

Raising super healthy families is the goal of every parent. Moms and dads innately want the best for their beloved. With the right health philosophy

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world recycling month
Environment 100

National Recycling Month

Our planet’s health and well-being is currently being attacked. No, we aren’t talking about from aliens or some other life form. Unfortunately, humans are the

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Recipes 100

Pan Baked Flatbread Pesto Pizza

Your favorite local pizza joint closed? Or you finally realized they aren’t using the healthiest of ingredients. But you’re still craving pizza. This healthy version,

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100 Year Stories

Otherwise Healthy

  When an otherwise healthy and energetic centenarian was bedridden for a month, his family became concerned. At 106, Sriram lead an active lifestyle with

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Fitness and Nutrition 100

Just SAD

No one can point to the exact moment when the phrase was first coined, but since the late 1970s when the Senate Select Committee on

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Quality Time 100

Four Healthy Holiday Tips

If you, your family, and your friends are healthy, consider it a blessing. The opportunity to gather and enjoy each other’s company without the worry

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spending and saving money piggy bank
Finance 100

Spend Smart: Your Money-Saving Guide

Wise investments increase your value and grow your wealth. Creating and following a financial plan doesn’t mean never spending a dime; quite the opposite, actually. The

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Healthy Spiced Nuts

  Healthy Spiced Nuts are the way to make a good thing even better! While not all nuts are created equal, almonds, walnuts, and pecans

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Recipes 100

Turmeric Ginger Fenugreek Latte

  Looking to spice things up a bit? Seeking an alternative to your regular tea routine? Turmeric Ginger Fenugreek Latte to the rescue! Easy to

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Chia Seed Lime Mango Pudding

If you’ve heard about chia seed pudding before, but never thought they were your thing, give Chia Seed Lime Mango Pudding a chance to change

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waste-free christmas season
Environment 100

Waste-Free Christmas Season

Did you know that half of the paper used in the U.S. is used for wrapping and decorating products? Unfortunately, this is just one aspect

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woman drinking water
Lifestyle 100

Water, Water, Everywhere

Why is water important? Water is the life blood of the earth and all living things. Two-thirds of our body is made up of it.

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yoga in its many different forms
Performance 100

Yoga Trends You Must Try!

Yoga is a fascinating practice. It is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India and still practiced

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