If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

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world recycling month
Environment 100

National Recycling Month

Our planet’s health and well-being is currently being attacked. No, we aren’t talking about from aliens or some other life form. Unfortunately, humans are the

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100 Year Stories

Innate Life Expectancy

Your innate life expectancy is greater than you think. We see this longevity potential through the 100-year-old people who are celebrating birthdays, doing yoga, setting

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Change Your Life

Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person

There is continuing concern about COVID-19, the flu, and other infectious diseases affecting the most vulnerable people. How do you go about becoming a least

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100 Year Stories

A New Way of Aging

Many people have anxiety about aging. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “a declining phase of life.” Just check out any of our 100 Year Lifestyle

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100 Year Stories

What is Aging, Really?

  What is aging, really? The commonly used definition of aging is the process of getting old. João Pedro De Magalhães, a senior lecturer at

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Finance 100

The Prime-Time Myth

The Prime-Time Myth is the perpetuation of a set of ideas about what life, retirement and aging should be like. But the current norm is

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Relationships 100

Multiple Circles of Relationships

Have you heard the saying, “It doesn’t matter where you go but rather the company you take while there.” It’s time to be proactive in building

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Lifestyle 100

Excessive Sitting, Early Death

Excessive sitting is extremely unhealthy and can lead to unnecessary suffering affecting your quality of life and longevity. “Sitting is the most underrated health threat

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Health Care is Rising

Health care is rising with more people than ever seeking drug-free health care as their first choice and chiropractors are the number one choice. Labeled

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