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An Epidemic of Nerve Disorders

Nerve disorders can mimic any symptom or disease. Unfortunately, just treating the symptoms can set you up for a lifetime of deterioration. More and more

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Brain, Nervous System

Nervous System Facts

By now you’ve ready “The First System That Develops“ article on the 100 Year Lifestyle website and you know quite a bit about your nervous

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100 Year Lifestyle Essentials

The First System That Develops

The nervous system is the first system that develops in the womb. At the moment of conception, one cell from mom and one cell from

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Health Care 100

Eliminating Waste from Your Body

Eliminating waste from your body is essential for you to stay healthy. There are four ways that people eliminate waste – sweat, urine, feces, and

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Superbugs and the War on Germs

The war on germs has failed miserably and is creating an epidemic of superbugs, especially in hospitals. In their attempt to kill germs and wipe

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Mindfulness 100

Mastering Your Emotional Brain

Emotions can be disorienting, detrimental, and downright challenging. One moment our life can be peaceful and easy, the next chaos! As we all have experienced,

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Baby Birth
Pregnancy and Childbirth

Lifetime Effects of Birth Trauma

Lifetime effects of birth trauma need to be understood and dealt with. When the neck is affected during birth, serious injuries occur that can affect

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