If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

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Bullseye on a Mountaintop
Living to 100

In It to Win It

At The 100 Year Lifestyle, we often speak on the topics of career longevity of business people and athletes who are in it to win

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Change Your Life

Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person

Becoming A “Least Vulnerable Person” There is growing concern about COVID-19, the flu, and other infectious diseases affecting the most vulnerable people. Who are these

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Outliving Relationships

  The passing of time can make the bonds of relationships, whether they be family or friends, all the stronger and all the more cherished.

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Fitness and Nutrition 100

Anti-Longevity Foods

Eating a healthy diet can be tricky. At 100 Year Lifestyle we are committed to making eating healthy, eating for longevity, as easy as possible.

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m pyr empire health longevity potential

Calculate YOUR Longevity Potential

This simple, important calculation will give you immediate knowledge about YOUR Longevity Potential (YLP). Your M-PYR (pronounced ’empire’) stands for your Minimum Potential Years Remaining.

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Health Care is Rising

Health care is rising with more people than ever seeking drug-free health care as their first choice and chiropractors are the number one choice. Labeled

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