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Brain, Nervous System

How Well Do You Know Your Neck?

  How well do you know your neck? This magnificent and delicate structure that holds up your head, moves in many directions, and protects your

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The Hidden Effects of Head Injuries

The issues surrounding head injuries, including concussions, have never been a part of mainstream conversation more than they are right now. The effects of head

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Health Care 100

Concussion Movie and Reality

The Concussion movie starring Will Smith and Alec Baldwin is more timely than ever and continues to raise awareness and important concerns for many victims

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Technology 100

Smartphone Syndrome

    Today, people very young to very old are suffering from what we call smartphone syndrome. Smartphones have taken over our lives and we

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Baby Birth
Pregnancy and Childbirth

Lifetime Effects of Birth Trauma

    Lifetime effects of birth trauma need to be understood and dealt with. When the neck is affected during birth, serious injuries occur that

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