If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

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Family 100

Not Just Child’s Play

    Do you have a secret stash of adult coloring books? Are you someone who likes to stroll around the museum on a regular

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100 Year Stories

Dancing Through Life

    Eileen Kramer has been dancing through life for 108 years now…and counting. This Australian dancer and “all-around creative powerhouse” began dancing 90 years

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Education 100

Let’s Get Creative!

  You might not have realized it, but creativity is a key component of your 100 Year Lifestyle. You use your creativity in a multitude

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Mindfulness 100

Tap Into Your Creativity

You have to be able to see your life as active, healthy, prosperous, and fun for 100 years in order to create a vision that

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Finance 100

Capitalize on Your Passions

    Studies show that seniors engaged in artistic pursuits are actually improving their health. Yet, don’t pursue lifelong learning and creativity simply to produce

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