If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


We Are Not Just Lucky with Dr. Adam and Jaime Coxon

“You’re so lucky…” is a common phrase that Dr. Adam and Jaime Coxon hear about their own health, their children’s health, their family life, and their practice. We were talking about this at a recent seminar and Jaime looked at me and said, “we are not just lucky!”

Wow, that triggered an awesome conversation about luck vs. choices, genetics vs. lifestyle, and more! You will love it. In this interview with Dr. Eric Plasker, Dr. Adam and Jaime Coxon share their passion for the choices they make and how they are living The 100 Year Lifestyle, something everyone can choose to do. 

Hear their heartfelt story and how they are making a difference for lots of people in their community of Fort Mill, SC, right outside of Charlotte, NC.


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