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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

100YL Podcast

Artificial Intelligence vs. Actual Intelligence - BrainTap Your 100 Year Lifestyle

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Dr. Patrick Porter is back with great insights on how to take control of your brain to optimize your well-being, eliminate stress, and focus on living your best life every day, 100% for 100 years and beyond. We have a great discussion on artificial intelligence versus actual and Innate Intelligence which is especially relevant given the circumstances surrounding this issue in the world.

Your brain is a supercomputer that is exponentially more powerful than any other supercomputer. Too many of us waste our brain energy on things that are not important. You will learn how fear, anxiety, and stress reduce your brain power and take you away from your desired outcomes and goals.

BrainTap Your 100 Year Lifestyle

BrainTap has collaborated with Dr. Eric Plasker and The 100 Year Lifestyle to produce a new BrainTap 100 Year Lifestyle program within its platform. Together, our goal is to empower you to live YOUR ideal 100 Year Lifestyle rather than someone else’s. When you register for their APP and search 100 Year Lifestyle, you will have access to 13 powerful sessions totaling 4 hours and 47 minutes of relaxing, important, and inspiring meditations including…

  • Developing Your 100 Year Vision
  • Focusing Motivation Into Massive Action
  • Activating the 3 Life Changing Principles
  • Tap Into Youthful Energy
  • Developing Health Habits
  • Start to Reset Your Health Priorities
  • Unlocking the Power of Your Internal and External Environment
  • Magnetizing Powerful Relationships
  • Harnessing the Power of Quality Time
  • Find the Infinite Flow of Your Finances
  • Activate Your Leadership Ascension
  • Set Your Plan to Enjoy a Sensational Century
  • 100 Year Lifestyle Affirmations

We are excited about supporting your desire to live your best life every day on your way to a sensational century, and Dr. Patrick Porter’s message will support this opportunity for you.


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