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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


Transitioning Your Personal Healthcare Paradigm with Drs. Kirar

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Dr. Jill and Vance Kirar are changing lives in South Carolina, teaching people how to live their ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. At the core of their care are several key things:

  • Transitioning people’s healthcare paradigm
  • Raising a super-healthy family
  • Moving people from pain and crisis care to lifestyle care
  • Giving people self-awareness and authentic hope regardless of circumstance
  • Educating on the body’s ability to heal itself and longevity potential
  • Empowering people about the importance of personal choices
  • And more!

Practicing chiropractors in Ladson, SC near Charleston and Goose Greek, Drs. Kirar are passionate about health, healing, and human potential. Dr. Jill, a second-generation chiropractor who grew up in this paradigm, together with Dr. Vance have raised their children in this conversation and consciousness. They are walking the talk and talking the talk, spreading their message throughout the community.

Community educators, Drs. Kirar give workshops on all aspects of health, healing, human potential, The 100 Year Lifestyle, and Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person to companies, organizations, schools, and churches.

Drs. Kirar are delivering Primary Care with a Natural Flair as more and more people are tired of the medical/pharma paradigm and seeking out holistic care.

Enjoy Dr. Plasker’s interview with Drs. Kirar and share this hopeful message  with your family and friends. Here’s to living at 100% for 100 Years and raising your family this way!


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