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If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?


Health Transformation, Weight Elimination, and Leadership with Dr. David Adler

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Dr. Eric Plasker interviews colleague and friend for 30 years about how he eliminated a whole person’s worth of weight and transformed his life. Now he is the most fit he’s ever been, maybe ever and after 30 years in practice as a 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Roswell, GA, he is changing more lives than ever.

Dr. David shares his struggles and his secrets, including what he has learned along the way about the body’s ability to adapt. Dr. David and Dr. Eric share a common mentor. Dr. Ernie Landi was also Dr. Adler’s brother-in-law, so their roots are strong.

If you are ready to get off the roller coaster and make the rest of your life the best, you will appreciate Dr. David Adler’s story and authentic style.


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